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  1. thekingshead

    Everyone Having A Stellar Year?

    The AXE is starting to SWING!
  2. thekingshead

    Fulltime/contract Tours?

    I'll work for free also, SIGN ME UP
  3. thekingshead

    Bo105 Replacement

    Then there was the current Harper Government, ask CHL what they think? Wonder whats looks the best travelling back and forth across the country on the back of a Gooseneck?
  4. Curious if anyone one is running any type of Bell Medium difference courses? TC is getting sticky about 204/205 airframe guys working on 212 and VICE VERSA. There have been a couple comapnies out there who have had some in house training course approved, looking for one! Cheers
  5. Big antenov in Vancouver today delivering a couple 61"s. Does anyone know where they have come from?
  6. thekingshead


    Did they purchase a 600N for the power project?
  7. thekingshead


    Remember the grass might be greener but it's always longer so you can't see the B.S. till you cross the line. Some companies are better then others, as far as I am concerned there mostly all the same. You are number one#1, every company looks out for there best interests and won't hold back. When the season sucks and there isn't alot of revenue, you'll be out the door or getting a pink slip. Do what is right for you, but don't regret your decision down the road.
  8. thekingshead

    Another Bird Down

    SMS is coming someday, that will solve everything. NOT! See it time and time again, not pointing fingers at anyone. When parts AKA "BEARINGS" are close to beyond allowable limits they remain in service because OWNERS are to cheap to buy new ones. "GOOD FOR ANOTHER FLIGHT" "CAME IN SERVICABLE, ITS GOOD" famous quotes. Until the people who fix "NEW AMES" and those that fly these birds stand a ground and refuse to sign out the work there will be alot of RISK involved.
  9. thekingshead

    Adjustable 407 Pedals

    Just wondering if anyone has had the privlage of catering to the tall pilots and installing the adjustable T/R pedals in the 407. Putting a set in tomorrow and was wondering if there is much rigging to take place afterwards? I see they make you change the actual pedal angle right off the bat by a couple degrees up front. Cheers
  10. Heard a rumour that the 212 in Afghanistan operated buy a canadian company had to make an emergency landing recently and the locals totalled it once it had landed. Is this true, what about the crew? Thanks
  11. thekingshead

    R66 Picture

    What a GEM! Won't ever be riding in one of those either
  12. thekingshead

    Chl Payscle 2007

    WOW! That's pretty bad if someones willing to work for those dollars.
  13. thekingshead

    Chl Payscle 2007

    Adding to my last post, My take is this, we 'AMES" are skilled tradesmen and the odd women. Why is it that we work for next to nothing with the responsibility the we carry over our shoulders. If you where to call a plumber to come unplug your toilet he would charge anywhere from 70 to 100 bucks and hour with a min call out fee. Doesn't make much sense that a licensed AME would work for anything less then 35 bucks an hour on any machine for any company. Think its highly unlikely that will change anytime soon.
  14. thekingshead

    Chl Payscle 2007

    Your just realizing this now? CHL has been on the low side forever. Surprised they have any bodies to work, but then again I'm not really that surprised. There will always be people willing to work for next to nothing keeping the rates down across the board. 30 bucks shared with the apprentice if you had one to work on a 212, HAHAHHAHA. But then again they are the employeers choice and don't forget it.
  15. thekingshead

    Jet A In A '93 Cummins Diesel

    My lift pump quit a few months after burning Jet A. Not sure if was the jet or the pump itself as they do have a bad rep in the cummins. Was mixing HOWES diesel conditioner, and 2 stroke outboard motor oil which gives the fuel some colour so you know it's mixed. Since replacing the lift pump, I have continued using the diesel conditioner and outboard oil about 200ml of each if not more per 20 litre jug and never run more jet then 50/50 with regular diesel. Since then there have been zero problems, I do notice a slight power loss but better milage. "Safety come first, better get the water out of the fuel system" Let'er flow