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  1. To quote a very high time pilot I happen to be sitting beside as I type- "It's up to the PIC to make their time 'worth' anything. Some people can fly the same camp in Northern Alberta for years and not learn a single thing past the first week, and others can fly 100 hours of tours in the rockies and learn something every single flight. To say one type of experience or the other is worthless is totally ignorant." As far as I'm concerned some of my friends, including pilots now rated on vertols, mediums, and full time seismic astar pilots, have spent 7 or 8 years getting flying the traditional way for very low wages chasing carrots that may never have amounted to anything, often jumping company to company looking for a start. One fact exists about icefield, if you pay your dues there, both financially and otherwise, it seems very clear flying is imminent. That's most definitely not true of all companies. Cheers, Happy Flying in 2011 Cole
  2. I'd tend to go with the school that suits you the best... almost every school out there is going to play the "High Time Instructor" card, the "In the Mountains" card, the "Best Machine" card, or the ever so famous "Best Bang For Your Buck" card, but if you don't get along with your instructor(s), for whatever reason, you're not going to get the best results. PS, while I know several of the instructors at Canadian here in Penticton, and all of them are great guys with even better reputations as pilots, that's a heck of a lot of money to shell out for a commercial ticket. Granted after you make the payments on the machine for the next ten years they'll likely set you up with a job after... $130+K for a $40K per year job (if that) isn't your best investment. Most, but not all, of the companies I've spoken with regarding employment attribute their hiring to work ethic, teamwork ability, passion for the job, and salesmenship over endorsements or school choice. Good Luck! Cole
  3. Rest In Peace SDC, we miss you bud. Cole
  4. You don't say, Dick! I have a -60 rated work jacket from Mark's... it worked well this winter down to -40. I remember seeing a great thread on winter gear not long ago as well but I can't seem to find it. Cheers. Cole
  5. Watch out for the Ether Bunny Congratulations sling, Hope all goes well!
  6. Very well done Darren! Good luck on the job hunt, it's thin but it's still there. Cheers, Cole
  7. Haha, well I've meant to update you guys a few times but truth be told things change so quickly I don't know what to report. I'm currently sitting in a hotel in Edmonton, but in the last week I've been in Campbell River, Vancouver, Valemount, Athabasca, and home on time off in Westbank. It's been a pretty fun road trip so far and should end tomorrow afternoon back in FSJ. It's hard to believe I've been out of school for almost a year now, certainly doesn't feel very long. What are you guys all up to?
  8. I remember seeing a pretty impressive video a couple years ago of an aircrane in LTE... talk about pucker factor.
  9. I saw that you made a new post and was excited to read it, but before I got to it that Matt guy sent me a message and gave away the ending! Congratulations Darren! Whats next on the list?
  10. AH1, I didn't think anything would top your first story... untill I read the second one! Keep em coming guys! Cole.
  11. All the best to your friend, hope all is well. Sounds like you're having a blast! Cheers, Cole
  12. Glad to hear another week (or more) went well, but you've got to admit that you had us waiting quite a while. Just stay calm and fly the way you were taught and you'll be alright! Best of luck on the ride Darren and keep us posted! Cole
  13. Nicely done... I'll see if I can dig up an article on the TC exams that I read in Fixed wing school... basically the whole point of it is RTFQ2, but it's a great read none the less. Have a good week! Cole
  14. Very well done Darren, and may that big grin stay in place for a very long time. Cole
  15. "I thought you said you weren't going to put the duals in?"
  16. Here's hoping for a swift recovery for both of you. Cole.
  17. Had a look at the NSW fire situation today... things are burning quite a bit down there at the moment.
  18. Good luck with the transport gig, you'll be missed around here! Cole
  19. I totally understand that those people counting on flight pay to pay the bills are hit much harder at times like these, my post was more in response to Rob's about things going up and down. If it doesn't rebound, we're all in trouble, no doubts about that, but takling to guys like Rob who have been around a while has me pretty convinced that, whether it's tomorrow or in 2 years, it will bounce back. The rebound is what I'm hoping for, not the devastation. How about those Canucks? Cheers. Cole
  20. I think it could actually be benefitial in the long run, for us lowtime guys anyway, to have slow periods every now and then. All the people who were debating leaving the industry before, for whatever reason, make the decision to pull the pin and when things pick up again there's a lot more work for the people who stick it out. That's what it looks like from here anyway, does that make sense to anyone else? It may just be my twisted view on things. Here's hoping. Cole
  21. That was one of the most entertaining things I've read in a while Darren, sounds like quite the experience, even without the well lubed heavy black arm length rubber glove. Hope you're having fun! Cole
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