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  1. The official website is www.jobs.gc.ca Good luck...
  2. So sad! Prayers for peace and healing for both the Schlotzhauer family - and for the injured gentlemen, and their families!
  3. I saw this in this morning's paper, too. I'm sorry Ryan, for your loss of a friend. My thoughts and prayers are with the families....
  4. Just please put it out as soon as you can...........The air STINKS at my house - and my eyes are burning...........(and it ain't the fault of the kitty litter box!)
  5. Good luck on that trip, COTW.....Hope you don't hear any announcements like this one - and that your trip is just the greatest from beginning to end! Take some snacks with ya - you know the reputation of airline food - and AC at least, upholds it well! A little luke-warm, marinated cardboard at 30,000 feet - yummy!
  6. Hope this works! http://www.barry.fireflyinternet.co.uk/fun/files/pilot.htm
  7. I don't know the Leroux family - but, I know that I have never heard sweeter words than "Mom" and "Dad". I'd like to add my wish for happiness and joy for the happy family. Lucky baby and lucky Mom and Dad! Congratulations! :up:
  8. Thanks for asking TQN - and for the updates BE....There hasn't been anything new about the story in the past 10 days or so. The story (along with many others) took a back seat to the tragedy involving the RCMP officers in Mayerthorpe, Alberta. The official search was called off some time ago - for abit, there was renewed interest, because it was thought that the airplane had been located, - but, it turned out to be a rock formation. I would imagine, that there won't be any further searching done - and other than the one body recovered in the first few days after the accident, no-o
  9. Thanks BE - it doesn't look like it's going to be the outcome everyone hopes for, at times like this.... I add my condolences, too - and a prayer for a finding of peace and closure for the families.
  10. Even if you're not a prayin' person - please send all the positive thoughts, affirmations, etc. that you can..........I hope and pray that your chopper buddies find 5 living, safe people! A bit of the story from Vancouver Province this morning... "The search for five men missing on the rugged Central Coast after their float plane failed to arrive at remote logging camps was due to resume at dawn this morning. The MJM Air Ltd. float plane, with pilot Arnold Feast, 53, at the controls, took off from Campbell River at 10:10 a.m. Monday. One of the four passengers aboard was a cont
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