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  1. Thanks for the video link Fen. But I think that the original topic was that there is a rumour of a New Helicopter Co. starting up in the Slave Lake area with an EC-120. Does anybody know the name of the company or who is operating it?
  2. I just heard that there is a new helicopter company starting in the Lesser Slave Lake area and that the entry vehicle is a EC120 ????????
  3. Superwrench: We have a 1D1 make it to about 380 hrs. TSN (low rotor rpm, unable to adjust up, FCU problem) 1B FCU 26 hrs. TSO caused rotor overspeed then quit and put machine into bush, nobody hurt but machine was a write off. If you need more detail PM or email me.
  4. The Canadian and USA governments have recently signed a bilateral agreement to allow pilots to cross the border and work within certain requirements. When the Nafta agreement was signed, aircraft techs (A.M.E. Mech. Etc.) were labled as unskilled blue collar workers. Therefore unable to cross the border and work unless they are with a company for at least 1 year and then apply for a L1 or L2 visa. The Canadian labor board have slotted the aircraft engineers in with otis elevator repairman and other so called unskilled laborers. The carpenters, plumbers and electricians are classifed as a r
  5. I was just cruising through the latest on the aviation corporate offenders and somebody has been naughty! :shock:
  6. Rumour has it that TC is investigating a small northern Alberta operator for violations. Can anyone confirm?
  7. I gotta post or I'll be eliminated. Is anyone having trouble getting a concession out of Turbomeca, for example premature 1st stage NGV rub. Their warranty is only 100 hours or 9 months, just a little short on the support after your warranty runs out. Pay up and maybe we will discuss it.
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