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  1. Love the new Avatar 407D. Don't see any hip waders around though. Thank God there's great powder in the high country!!! :up:
  2. Only because there's a couple on here I haven't noticed on the thread. BH47, 06, 04/5, 12; BV44; S51; HH12; HU 500; AS341, 350. Fav? The S51 (my avatar) .
  3. Got tired of plodding through the pages of this thread, so I apologize if what I have to say has already been mentioned. We should all understand that Mr. 'Contrail' is basically doing his best to cover both his ***, and the ***** of his clients, from the kind of liabilities to which Cap alludes, and particularly those that will be measured and declared by the courts. He has to be sure that he leaves himself open to absolutely no risk of not having performed diligently in advising his clients. Imagine, for example, if XYZ Oil Inc. were aboard a machine that fell off a log pad which w
  4. Interesting stuff, Iceman. I suppose there's some premise implied that there's something wrong with the PRC's purported actions (setting aside such legalities as may occasionally apply), actions that are no different (particularly the 'reverse-engineering') than those perpetrated by such countries as France, Italy, Russia and, of course, the good old US&A. But perhaps the question is moot, considering what appears to be the 'given' that the PRC is a fearful dragon preparing to devour us all, and it's not a matter of protecting our business but, rather, our a$$es. It doesn't really matter
  5. Yes, V'tex and 412D, and isn't it common practice in FW schools to give 'famil' rides that allow the customer to manipulate the controls? Whatever! The day we're so hard up for revenue we have to risk something stupid by allowing 'God knows who' on the controls is the day I'll do a circuit inverted. T'were fun, weren't it, Rob?
  6. You've got that right, TT2. It ain't just glassy water that can make for BIG trouble.
  7. Interesting you were flying for Sealand when you found the Piasecki wreck. I wonder if it's the one Doug Hogan piled up for the RCAF before he joined the commercial world (propelled, I believe, to some degree by that very incident).
  8. Let's hope so. That could thin our the 'fire' ranks a bit. Superior won it's MNR Geraldton contract last year at a ludicrously low rate.
  9. The Chinese have been building a number of Aerospatiale/Eurocopter types under licence for years, and what the link in the first post says is that this bird is derived from the 350. It ought to look like an AStar.
  10. Bell Boy, you reminded me of an interesting 'pick' in days of yore. Flying a Bell 47 just south of the NWT border and Fort Liard with two geologists, spotted a wing with a red star on it down through the trees. Circled and found it to be a wrecked twin-engine warplane, and those red stars obviously made it one of the 'lend-lease' aircraft the U.S. ferried across to the Russians during WWII. We landed a couple of hundred yards away and slogged through the brush to the ship. It turned out to be a Douglas A20 'Attack' aircraft, and was completely armed with 50 caliber machine guns (no ammo,
  11. Too true, cap. Isn't it interesting that the very best in their fields are those very quiet, unassuming types while those that lay claim to excellence are the loud, obnoxious ones?
  12. Hey, Rob, have you never heard the expression "...where angels fear to tread"? Be glad that no-one seems to want to reopen that continually festering wound. After all, it never gets resolved, and only gets a lot of people angry when they could be addressing more constructive things.
  13. Jeez, Skidmark, wouldn't it have been a lot safer with the dead whale inside and the cubs in the net - those little buggers are gnarlier than their parents. :shock:
  14. A momentary digression, if I may. One of the things I like best about this forum is the number of contributors who are willing to tell potentially embarassing stories about themselves cmpared to the number who only want to criticize others. There's nothing quite so refreshing as someone laughing at themselves. :up:
  15. Thanks to whoever opened this thread again. It was fund reading it again. Plus, it reminded me of one I maybe should have let go, but didn't. Back in the olden days of VIH when all we flew were the great Bell 47's, Woody Graham was wrenching for me in Stewart when Pat Carey of the original PWA drove his Otter onto a ridge top in cloud at night (strong winds had blown him well off a course he knew like the palm of his hand). Pat survived the wreck, barely, and was slung out the next day by Bruce Payne, then VIH Chief Pilot, with Eric Ostensoe of one of Silver Standard Mines (I think) in a
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