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  1. I was told years ago that the Skycrane had a similar limitation because it had such a powerful rate of climb that RRPM would decay to the point of no recovery before you could initiate an auto rotative descent in the event of a total engine failure just as Nobul said about the 214.
  2. We had an A/C covers guy sew heavy duty rubber bottoms to SEI bags, reinforce sewing on handle straps and heavier duty zippers too. Seems to work ok but still not ideal if treated poorly. Cheers R
  3. Thats It! The onus is now on all manufacturers to provide overhead bins large enough to store all the stuff we have on a daily basis in our cabins. Even better everyone would already be in the bent over crash position at all times. I see all kinds of safety benefits
  4. In a recent PVI I was told that according to this strictest interpretation of CARS passenger headsets and a pilots maps fall into the same category as the purse. This is an inspector who has firm beliefs on properly secured loads in the cabin. They were giving me the distinct impression though that they thought this level of enforcement was a bit much. Apparently the Eurocopter supplied map pockets are not secure enough and even a passenger wearing the headset is against the rules never mind hanging from the hooks. It does come down to the whole "belief" thing and the indiviual who is ramping
  5. I have one at AOG Heliservices in Kingston Ont. check out their website for particulars or call and ask for Ken.
  6. To answer your first question YES it applies to flight schools and it happened in BC not long ago.
  7. For all you guys and gals out there who run Flight Training Units there have been some changes in provincial law for Ontario. Please check out the website www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/general/private.html look under whats new and at the top of that page click on the Private career colleges act 2005 training manual.
  8. Bullet just reading this forum for the first time and I was wondering where you got your torque wrenches done as it is over $100.00 per wrench no matter how small at every company where I am. PM me
  9. Brian I think you would be better off barefoot and in the kitchen stirring another kind of pot your rant is putting the rest of us off our feed.
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