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  1. Make sure the tail rotor is in track. Place a piece of masking tape on the horizontal stab and note where the T/R blade lines up. Then rotate the assembly until the other blade is at the stab and see where it lines up. Try and get this as close as you can before balancing a t/r.
  2. Bill Adams was the original AME off the base. Very meticulous.
  3. Hope Aero is the distributor for the Chadwick vibration unit. They have all the accessories you need.
  4. I would imagine the Airbus Helicopter crew in Fort Erie would have much of the information you're looking for.
  5. That picture does look like the RCMP A-Star. White body, blue tailboom, and pop-out floats.
  6. Quoting the Principia Scientific. An organization proven to be wrong on every subject. https://sciencefeedback.co/outlet/principia-scientific/ https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/principia-scientific-international/
  7. A number of family members and family friends have passed away after catching Covid. A number of family and 2 coworkers got extremely sick and hospitalized after catching Covid, and fortunately, survived. So yes, I'm seeing this affect people in real life. Face masks and social distancing over the last year has effectively stopped the flu from being an issue right now.
  8. Not even in the ballpark
  9. One thing to note. The AS350, due to the inherent design of its swashplate, will produce a 3-per rev. On Bell/ Agusta aircraft, the swashplate is shimmed snug. On the AS350, it is not. A proper swashplate shim will allow you to rotate the center 'cup' around the mast, but have minimal up and down play. It's because of this that the aircraft has hammers installed to absorb the inherent 3-per. If it's smooth in flight, then it's good. If you're only noticing a little bit on descent, it isn't necessarily abnormal, unless it's really shaking the aircraft apart.
  10. When you take the ground reading and then hover, get the hover smooth and disregard the ground. The ground reading is in case it is way too rough to pull into a hover. You still have to read it every run, because it's a process built in. Split the tab readings between the 2 inboard tabs as evenly as you can. Hammering on descent: Check the swashplate friction. B3e has variable Nr, so the hammers change frequency with rpm. Restore the weights back to what they were. Change weights only with the Airbus hammer tuning device.
  11. No, this Spitfire came from the US. It is the lowest time original Spitfire. Built in 1945 just as the war ended. Has around 150 hours on it.
  12. The CHC building looks almost identical to the old Vector hangar. Good catch. The Highland facility was owned by Landmark Shell, but obviously will be empty now, looking for a new tenant. Bob still owns the Spitfire and Mosquito, but they're up for sale.
  13. The old Vector building. I imagine the Highland building will be coming up too.
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