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  1. Keep in mind that not all jobs get posted. Show up at people's door and let them know you're available.
  2. ray

    Eurocopter Spin On Filter

    Mineral oil since last O/H, long chip plug, and spin on filter.
  3. ray

    Eurocopter Spin On Filter

    The reference you're looking for is in the AS350B2 IPC. Chapter 63-20-16. Figure 01, item 20. Filter FA01315A is installed post mod 07-7174. As the poster above me mentioned, the filter itself is the mod. SB63-00-12 initially introduced the Champion spin-on filter, then Revision 1 replaced the Champion filter with the FA01315A filter.
  4. It's not price fixing or a gentleman's agreement. It's a race to the bottom where too many operators undercut each other for what little work is out there. There's far too many operators and far too many machines in our little industry.
  5. As an AME, I'm finding this to be a really busy winter. Every shop is busy with winter maintenance. Optimistic about the coming year as well.
  6. ray

    Machine down?

    It wasn't the owner.
  7. ray

    Anyone working?

    VIH is hiring, and so is Alpine Aerotech.
  8. ray

    Ec120 Cargo Mirror/hook?

    Cargo mirror, EC-120 https://www.gcsurplus.ca/mn-eng.cfm?snc=wfsav&sc=ach-shop&vndsld=1&srchtype=&lci=&sr=1&str=1&ltnf=1&lcn=382220&lct=L&sf=ferm-clos
  9. That's awesome. I just tried that and it worked!
  10. I can sign in at work, but not on my home computer or tablet.
  11. ray

    Icons Not Working

    Mobile working well for me. Been on the road, using my tablet.
  12. ray

    10000 What

    An increase in population increases demand for goods and services. If the planet's population implodes, there will be a very sharp decline in the need for goods and services. This is an artificial downturn based on OPEC pumping out far more oil than there is a demand for in order to cripple Iran.
  13. ray

    Fuel Tanks

    There is a crash resistant fuel tank STC in the works as we speak.
  14. If you need assistance in physically doing this, we can help. PM me.