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  1. Away from base: $100/day Per diem: $60/day Incidentals: Cell phone use and laundry: $5/day My previous employer didn't have an away from base, but gave us $75/day per diem. We could often work 10-12 hours/day and get time and a half for anything over 8 hours/day, as previously agreed to by 3rd party clients. Bank it or cash it, it was an option available to you.
  2. These are the rates set by the Canada Revenue Agency, and considered to be normal. Your company can pay you this and Revenue Canada won't bat an eye. https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/corporate/about-canada-revenue-agency-cra/travel-directive/appendix-c-meals-allowances-october-2018.html
  3. Currently $60/day. $100/day bush pay. (Away from base). Previous employer was $75/day
  4. Single hydraulics have a boot, dual hydraulics do not.
  5. The boot got deleted because the swashplate gets relocated 2" up on the mast with dual hydraulics. The servos are longer with shorter pitch links, so a spacer sits under the swashplate.
  6. With the 355's and B3's I worked on, the grease purged past the metal cover. Cleaned it up with an acid brush.
  7. The L3 does ask for a power check at 100 knots, and you do have to get to around 10000' to get it to plot. Haven't found any short cuts.
  8. Ray will be busy with maintenance after your 8 hours of bucketing.
  9. If a guy can't abstain for a few weeks while on tour, perhaps a career change might be best.
  10. Our tariffs are in the gutter because there are far too many operators chasing a very finite amount of work. That's why we can't do things that people in other countries can.
  11. Trades, in general, are provincially licensed. Red Seal allows a trades person meet a minimum standard to work across provinces. Our AME licenses are federally issued, and automatically allows us to work across provinces. We don't need a Red Seal.
  12. The C28 engine is no longer supported, so pretty much all of them have been converted to a C30. If you find one that hasn't, you will have to upgrade at some point.
  13. The linkage is set up so when a load is applied to the engine, such as when raising the collective, the governor arm is automatically increased to provide more fuel so the engine will not droop.
  14. I see what you mean about the cargo swing. It looks like the frame is installed backwards, doesn't it.
  15. On the B3e, there is a collective and pedal pitch position indicator that will increase the Nr to 400 if it measures a higher than normal movement on the controls. It is a variable Nr system. It will reduce the Nr if it measures low collective/pedal movement. I wasn't aware the cargo hook load cell does the same thing.
  16. As an Astar/130 guy, this is incorrect. Only ground runs for maintenance do not get counted, IF you don't take off. ALL flights get counted.
  17. Arriel 1D1 Maintenance Manual: 05-10-00-200-801-A01: NOTE: Cycle counting does not take into account the run-ups for maintenance purposes.
  18. Is this only on deceleration to ground idle? Is it consistent, and did this just start happening. I've noticed this before with a tail wind, but imagine you would have checked that already.
  19. Airworthiness Manual 566 (Licensing) states the following: 566.08(b) (b) Holders of either an M1 or M2 rated AME licence also have maintenance release privileges for all: (amended 2003/09/01) (i) turbine powered helicopters; You can have either M1 or M2 for all turbine powered helicopters.
  20. CARS 566.03: M1: All non turbo jet aircraft M2: All aircraft not included in M1
  21. Not correct. Former coworker got an M2 working on AS350s. M2 for turbine powered helicopter
  22. I have a prop tach that I bought from either Mac Tools or Snap On. Can't remember, it's been quite a while. This is what it looks like. https://www.amazon.com/Handheld-Digital-Laser-Tachometer-Engine/dp/B009T4REQG
  23. Nah. Just stay on top of things. The older seals leaked a lot with 254. The gearbox was overhauled last winter, Standard Aero, running great with no leaks.
  24. The new seals seem to be holding fine. We run 254 in our C20/ C30, no leaks.
  25. It's ok in C20 as well. If you're running 254 with an STC'd external oil filter, you can extend oil changes to 600 Hours/12 Months.
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