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  1. My comments were only trying to show a little respect for the aircrew that lost their lives far from home.
  2. Please stop comparing apples and oranges. Yes you are awesome moving a drill but these guys go offshore in the middle of the night in a snowstorm trying to save someone. My hat is off.
  3. I believe Mr. Dobbin owned Sealand. In 89 he bought Okanagan. The first a/c with Canadian on the side of it was c-gmhs, just out of refurb in Goose.
  4. I am not saying that I should earn more or even as much as an electrican. My point was helicopter pilot wages seem to have stagnated in the last ten or so years. It has not even kept up with inflation. In this regard I am making less than I was ten years ago.
  5. I am not entry level. 34 years, 14,000+ hours
  6. Sorry for the nerve I touched there , just looking
  7. An electrican lives next door to me. He made 30 percent more than I did last year. If I wasn't too old I would be gone in a flash.
  8. I recently took a flight half way across Canada on a major airline. I noticed that everyone has two pieces of carry-on baggage. The overhead bins were so full that I had a difficult time finding room to put my coat in one. I do not know how airlines are getting away with this as it amounts to several tons of hard shell luggage,(Which is not weighed) in plastic bins above the passengers heads. How can this be safer than a purse on the floor of a helicopter?
  9. Sorry ,it looks like the industry is changing and not in a good way. Seems like it is harder and harder to make a living at this racket. been at it for 30+yrs. It's going to be really hard to entice new pilots to replace the guys retiring. No one wants to live under a rock for a tour.
  10. Any thoughts on what is preferred/expected? ie : length- money, year round, contract?
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