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  1. How will pilots manage to navigate through the mountains this winter without someone in a ski suit beside them telling them what to do? 💩
  2. What a hard season this has been for the brotherhood of hlicopter types. Condolences to all involved.
  3. Job well done by the crew, way to go.
  4. "The Transport Canada (TC) post-accident process inspection (PI) of the company in May 2012 revealed deficiencies in pilot training, which existed at the time of the last program validation inspection (PVI) and were active on the day of the accident. This finding resulted in TC inspectors revoking PCC authority and conducting pilot proficiency checks (PPCs) on all company pilots. If adequate surveillance is not maintained by TC , there is an increased risk for operator safety deficiencies to go unidentified." What SMS didn't catch that? It's a shame that TC has been reduced to such an inef
  5. There's also a dealer in Kelowna that can bring in any model they make. However you are going to pay almost double. The quatro select cushion was around 335 - 365 in the US and the best "deal I could manage to get here was 599$ Expensive but very convenient if something goes wrong and you need waranty. Shoppers Home Medical Kelowna (not to be confussed with Shoppers drugmart) carries them
  6. Well said James. And I agree with Hybrid about some stories being left alone. This hasn't exactly been the best season for our industry. Slow on the work front and a couple of bad accidents to start things off. Does highlighting the negative help anyone? Hopefully we can all get through the rest of the year happy and safely. Best of luck guys
  7. Well it is / was purple, pretty fadded now. and bears the name Julie on it. either way she's still there and will likely be for a while.
  8. Ian Moore was working at Eskay years back and had that floating around his office. He decided that they should do something special with it so that future species would know that there was intelligent life on this planet. It was put up there with Northern Mountain 500 but he doesn't remeber who the driver was. He figures it was around 1991 sometime so it's been there a while.
  9. Hey thanks for the help. The valve that's giving me the headache though is the one that allows you to equalize the cushion or allow air to flow to other parts. It's the Quatro select model.... But I agree, shouldn't happen from new out of the box. I just wanted to warn guys off of that particular supplier to avoid future headaches. Talke to a lot of guys who have had theirs for years with no trouble. I just got a lemon!!
  10. Mystery solved. The answer was literally here in camp here the whole time.
  11. Can anyone help solve the mystery of who exactly placed the bowling ball up on top of John's Peak (7400ft) Between the Eskay mine and the Brucejack program? I've heard several rumors about how it got there. I'm thinking of adding some bowling pins!!
  12. Buyer beware........ I wouldn't recommend dealing with Express Medical Supply inc. Bought a cushion from them. It leaked very bad from around the valve from day one. To the point you couldn't sit on it for more then 30 minutes without it deflating. Contacted them right away and the trouble started. They weren't helpful at all and basically said to contact Roho directly. They weren't able to help me either since the cushion that was sold to me was manufactured over three years prior and the warantee is only good for three years. So it appears as though Express Medical sold me a cushion
  13. Does anyone have any input on where the best place to order one from is? Found a few spots but they don't ship to Canada
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