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  1. Heard they where hiring, I would be interested to know some more details as well...... From what a mate told me the UAE operators go in this order from best to worst: FAS (touring) AeroGulf (married accompanied) ADA (touring) Gulf (touring or married accompanied) This info is a bit dated so things may have changed
  2. Bit of a generalisation don't you think? I have worked with some great pilots from Quebec! I guess we can't all be as talented as you Pilot 5. Anyway I am glad that I am still stealing jobs in the great white north Pilot 5..get a dog up ya!
  3. Just wondering what is the exact definition of 'Offshore' flying is? I currently fly where I am over water 95% of the time, sometimes IFR sometimes VFR in a multi engine helicopter operation. I never land on any offshore platforms though, it's Airport to Airport or HLS all land based. Does this constitute 'Offshore operations' ? Or is offshore mainly recognised in conjunction with landing on offshore platforms or vessels? Cheers, OB
  4. Geez that would be fun....night sun approaches into camps at night....sounds like NVG would be the go
  5. So just VFR work but need IFR and ATPL for contract requirements?
  6. Does anyone have any info on the job? How long is it running for? Pay scale?
  7. Just throwing this out there....does anyone have a current copy of Australian Civil Aviation Regulations..? Would they be willing to lend it or sell it or let me have it for now then I will replace it soon. Cheers, OB
  8. WOW for Command Instrument Rating, Multi Engine time, NVG and ATPL it pays very low. Can make more than that flying VFR with a CPL H in a single overseas. I know ball park EMS in Australia just to compare- Command Instrument Rating, Single Pilot Multi Engine, Multi engine time, NVG and ATPL entry level as a Captain would be about 110k to 130k with good benefits. Also I think working for a non profit org there is some sort of tax incentive but to how that works I am not really sure. No incentive staying with a company for ten years from looking at that pay scale. Isn't it funny how
  9. Well looks like "Happy Feet" had his dream come true, no one to steal all his work and now it seems no one to be able to do the work! What goes around comes around I guess
  10. I did almost 3 years there and would go back without hesitation. I left toward the end of 2007. I can not comment about it nowadays but back then we flew lots and kept busy year round with seismic mostly in the winter and fires and drills in the summer. Cheers, OB
  11. His name is Craig Crumblin, he had surgery on Monday and is doing fine. He has 1 smashed vertebrae, a cracked sternum and a bunch of broken ribs. His spirits are high and his family and friends are with him. OB
  12. Statement was not referring to low hour pilots.
  13. Why is it every winter or fall in Canada a thread starts on here complaining about foreign workers taking jobs from Canadians? This thread was a simple question that not once mentioned work or obtaining work. Let it go! Right now there are many Canadians flying Australian registered machines in Australia on fires and they are welcome to come and fly without and forum threads starting up on there local online site 'bladeslapper' crying about aussies not having a job flying and foreign workers taking them away. I noticed no complaints over the summer about foreign workers flying i
  14. I was lucky enough to have met Bob on a couple occasions, and both times he was a great bloke to be around. Another huge loss in a small community. The news of this tragedy has made its mark down in the southern hemisphere. Sincere condolences to Bob's family and friends. RIP MATE!
  15. Come on guys I think this topic has been flogged to death.
  16. Happyfeet, You keep saying "ALL' migrants....but you never mentioned if this includes ski hill workers taxi drivers students or just a genuine person on a working holiday?? Also you keep referring to foreigners being low ballers, I could give you the name of 2 employers that told me as a foreigner I was more expensive than most canadians and thats the main reason HRDC had no hesitation on re-newing a work permit back in the day when I was on one, was because of my T4. All my friends that are pilots are not low ballers nor am I. I believe that most of the large companies th
  17. Un Happyfeet, Why are you so angry, we are striving for the same goal, to make money find a good job thats safe and have some fun along the way. You want all foreigners to not work in Canada by the sound of it. So who is going to drive the taxi when you go out for a few beers next time ..... who's going to serve you in a gas station next time you need a coffee on the road, who's going to operate a chair lift next time you want to take the family for a skiing..? You are such a clever person, why aren't you a politician....? obviously you are not a good pilot because you cant find wo
  18. Hey Happyfeet,you must be really short in height ;-)
  19. Why are you targeting Aussie and Kiwi, there are plenty of others working in Canada...Must hurt being away for a few years and not being able to work in your own country :-) Maybe you just don't have the skill required to get a decent job or personality? I have no problems working in 3 different countries is if I so wish, and there is always the constant offer of work..... OB
  20. Ok guys, I understand where you are coming from on the foreign pilots issue on some points. I am one my self, and have been working in Canada for 4 years full time, own property pay taxes and even have a Canadian girlfriend ( the women are free game) I was very disappointed this year to learn that 100 hr pilots from other countries not only OZ and NZ where coming over in droves to try find flying jobs and take them away from young Canadian pilots. That I do not agree with what so ever! But in my travels throughout Canada I have noticed that the pilots that complain the most about foreign
  21. After thought for you TACO! here is a list of known companies that hire foreign pilots...I want to know if they are on your list. Mustang GSH Wildcat Baileys Quest Canadian Air Crane Tasman VIH AES Guardian Prism All very decent companies listed above. Did I miss any? ??????????????????????
  22. Hey TACO, I don't think you have seen too much then! I am one of 'those' guys and I work for a great company..been here over 3 years have PR status. I don't agree with 100 hr pilots coming over looking for work. I do agree that if you have the drive and the dedication it doesnt matter where your from your entitled to work where ever and for whoever you want as long as its all legal. let go of this topic boys its just a pissing match! OB.
  23. Can anyone point me in the right direction for the 2007 heli operators directory..?
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