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  1. This topic should be in the topic "I'm Not The Only One Bored This Week haha
  2. My thoughts are with the families & friends, very sad indeed. Michael
  3. Is that vidio not available anymore is it my server?
  4. Hello all Is this a rumor that grant sold his company or is it true?
  5. I have been flying approx 16 years and recieved my ame lic 4 years ago , but believe you can only do one or the other now being it's so busy flying everywhere. Agman how do they pay you for the extra work? What type of aircraft and how many hours a year do you fly? Do you get to work in a hanger or out in the elements makes a big difference too. Bottom line is I love to wrench but dont really have time for it at a steady pace. Cm.
  6. Well , who signs my duals ? An apprentice, another pilot,approved staff and like I said its not worth it, even to talk about I guess. Sorry for using the word "TWEAKING" just responding ! Thanks Elvis and happy new year.
  7. It does'nt pay to do both jobs for me. Im too busy flying to even think of it , but it's nice to do your torque checks and little tweaks,component changes,voltage adjustments ect. Fly safe Mike.
  8. Heard another one went down in saskachewan working exploration.
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