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  1. I like to use the GPS for all the ETA/ETE stuff, my wizz wheel is just too hard to use while flying, but always keep the map out and do check points. Easier to stay found than try and find yourself if you are lost. Got a moving map GPS (Anywheremap), its cool, but due to some poor terrain data, every lake in southern ontario is 'Big Lake'
  2. TAL (Toronto Airways) in Buttonville is really busy these days. I find it hard to get a plane there now. (They have 3 172's offline now I am told. One getting an engine, one destroyed, other snagged.) They real issue is that since the school on the Island Ariport closed, Buttonville has gotten alot more students and people. Good for them, the instructors are flying back to back and long days. Bad for us renters who just wanna book on the spur of the moment and enjoyt the fall colours.
  3. Anyone got a link to more information?
  4. You feel the ground effect more with low wing aircrafts, so its easier to grease the landings. Cross wind techniques are a little different, prepare to crab more. I fly Pipers now, feels more like a real airplane than a Cessna 172. Ultimately, i like being current on both types. I like taking a high wing up when sight seeing.
  5. Okay, I likely would have diverted to an alternate airport rather than having circled for 1 hr and run out of fuel. If I could not have diverted, I think I would have just declared an emergency and landed the plane at the airport, again before I ran out of fuel. But I guess if it''s Washington, you run the risk of getting shot down. From the report, here is the Metar: METAR KMTN 291645Z 15010KT 10SM SCT034 28/21 A3015 Good weather to divert in, and would you not have an alternate airport planned in situations like Washington? Makes me wonder if he did file a flight plan.
  6. Agreed, I think this will just give them a false sense of security. I studies Aikido for 3 years and got just below a brown belt, and in a fight, I would have used self defense teqniques stuff more than a formal martial art. (Aikido style techniques are often taught to SWAT and stuff cause they are defensive without doing too much damage to yr opponent.) Now holds and breaking holds might help for unrulely passangers. Terrorists... I know a few things that might help if they just had a knife, but in those close quarters, anyone attacking and defending is gonna get hurt. (And I am 6''
  7. N2, I suspect I suffer from the plight of many men who fly: I''d be more serious about buying a plane if my wife were more into it. At this time, I am more looking for a different kind of rental option. I have heard from Cirrus Design that Island Air may rent block time on an SR22. My interest in the Cirrus at this time is more to see what it is like to fly, and I can''t seem to find many people who own one, and are willing to take a guy up. Do I want to buy a Cirrus? well, money for the plane is a big issue, but it doesn''t quite match the specs that I would like. (I like the Piper
  8. I gonna go, hopefully bring a friend with me, cause its more fun that way. Not flying in though. Hoping to get a demo flight in Cirrus''s SR22, if the sales guy gets back to me. Last year I went, but was my first show so I had nothing to compare it too.
  9. I wanted to do a flight what I was on my cruise last year. At one port, I think it was the Canary Islands, we docked right beside a small airport... But, my wife wasn''t into it, and I was a very new pilot... I just wish that it was easier to find rental places on the web, and arrange things before you get there. I find it hard to locate information prior to going. Anyone have any tips for locating and arranging rentals in foreign countries? Do they respect your Canadian license?
  10. So far, Ourplane is the only organization that I know that does fractional ownership. You can likely find other individuals looking for a person to buy a share. I have heard more stories where individual ownership is a problem. Inevitably, there is one moron in the group that never fuels, never puts oil in, never reports snags, breaks the plane, hogs the plane, never pays his share..... And then there is the guy who usually does all that. Creates tension. Experience has shown me that I''d be the guy doing all the work if I did group ownership, thats why private fractional ownership would
  11. Hi, I am interested in flying a Cirrus (SR20 or SR22). I am in the GTA area. Anyone with one, or access to one, who the owner would be interested in taking me up, love to hear from you. I would pay for all the costs and such, I just wanna hold the stick and see what it like to fly.
  12. Hmmm, I wonder if you can get them to accept the surgery on the grounds of human rights and discrimination against a handicap? As I understand it, thats in part how airlines were/are forced to accept people who wear glasses. Since bad vision is defined as a handicap and glasses correct the handicap and allow you to fulfill the role, not accepting an individual on those grounds is a human rights violation. Now, if eye surgery does the same thing, is it not discrimination to not accept an individual for having bad/corrected vision? Just imagine the cost of lawyers to fight the go
  13. Hmmm, I have spent a significant time looking into extended rentals, and trying to find one that suites my needs... I have yet to find one. I have looking into Ourplane as well. They have open houses too, great to talk and see the guys, seem like nice folks, but still more expensive than what I wanted to pay. Basically it works as follows: 1. You invest in the Plane, basically, you buy a fraction of the plane, based on a membership level. There are bronze, silver and gold I believe it is. Each one cost more, but you get ''more'' for the fee. As I recall, bronze is around 1
  14. I too love Anywhere Map, but I think it will make me sloppy if I am not careful. I mean, I can do a flight plan in under a minute, including fuel burn, heading, ETA, ETE.... It sucks to have to pull out the paper and whiz wheel and take and hr to do the same thing. Then, I clamp it to the yoke and the GPS tells me in a nice huge green line just where to go. As I fly, it reminds me to switch tanks, lookout for obstacles... How sweet is that? Yes, I pull out my map, yes I draw lines on it and mark my check points. The more I fly with it, the more I think, "Why bother with the paper?"
  15. Hey Swingline, this is just gonna get Charles W. going you know Common Charles, don''t take that sitting down. On a side note, anyone fly out of Markham? I keep bumping into stuff all over that seems to indicate that got some interesting planes over there, from vintage to experimental. Confirmation? Or should I just so visit them and take my digital cam.
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