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  1. All previous posts seem pretty logical. Things are booming down in the Southern Hemisphere pretty good. That Australian Dollar is doing very well and keeps some of those guys at home now rather than traveling to Canada. From what I know they get plenty of pilots for Indonesia and PNG, but maybe they just don't get very proficient long line pilots as dan1978 said. That being said, they are on no shortage of pilots. Filling their hiring shoes easily enough from what I hear. As to why there are no Aussi, Kiwi and American pilots applying, you can't really blame them. Courtesy of certain peopl
  2. For the Aussie License, it depends on what license you are converting from and what reg machine you will be flying. If you are flying a VH (Australian Reg) then you need to get the Australian license. If you only have a Canadian CPL(H) then you need to do the Australian Commercial Air Law Exam and a CPL(H) Flight Test. If you are converting from an ATPL (H) then you don't need to do the flight test, but you will also have to do an Australian ATPL Air Law Exam. Both exams have loads of books to go with them, as its open book, but keep in mind, they are not completely easy. Some very detailed qu
  3. This is more just out of curiosity, rather than stirring anything up. If you believe that the guys sitting around, ground idling, waiting for their customer, shouldn't log the time the machine is running, then what should they do. Should it be completely unloggable or some other form of loggable time, other than PIC? I believe they should be allowed to log the time, for the simple fact, that so long at that machine has blades turning, they are fully responsible for the actions and consequences of what may happen. If the customer walks into the tail rotor, if they get hit by a main blade, if th
  4. A good friend lost! You will be missed. Safe flying to all others.
  5. Hhhmmm.... Some very constructive, incisive and very thoughtful information to go with Bar C. Ha ha ha ha - you gotta be kidding at this stage. Procedures are put in place for a reason. Sounds like you are in a life search for that award wining, life saving medal. People who break procedure, and go running out the door usually end up becoming part of the rescued or deceased group. I have seen it happen before, and it will happen again. Just hope that when you do end up hurting yourself, you don't bring anyone else down with you. All the same, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on t
  6. - ahh this is nucking futs!! Me thinks this thread is a bit of a setup. On a side note , since we are talking of lifting horses, this must have been fun Heliopter Horse Rescue
  7. Wow! You really think that you single handedly tackled this problem and fixed it the way you wanted! Your 1.5 hour phone meeting, while you are in the UAE (like the others said, I'm sure you didnt share that info) fixed all your problems with work permits in the industry. Yes, I'm sure they are acting on it right away. They are right now, as we speak reviewing their system, which they put in place and screen companies with, and make sure that the companies have to pay the foreign pilots a high wage, is in fact all wrong. They are now watching companies very carefully??? Next they will issue a
  8. Ahhh... true enough worldywings. I will have to retract that one and will edit my last post. I guess I was running short of a phrase for someone who wants a workplace for only one nation of people. My bad people. Apologies for that one.
  9. It seems Ferrariflyer has put a few things straight for Happyfeet, with all some very valid and decent points without getting aggressive and bringing things down. Happyfeet, obviously just my opinion, but you are quite possibly the worst spokesperson for this petition and what you are arguing for. Where it all comes from, who knows? Perhaps you need some counseling??? Are you sore at the world since you have been working in the UAE for the last few years and now dont have a job there anymore? Now that you have to return home and see foreigners working in Canada, has it finally pushed you
  10. Shakey, you shouldn't presume to know about someone based on a discussion of their views and the information they provide to enlighten people. Also, I never said we should keep sponsoring foreign pilots with work permits. In fact, I imagine this summer hardly any operators will be sponsoring any foreign pilots. Which will reflect the current job shortages situation. Just like last summer when things started going bad, didn't Great Slave dump all their foreign pilots and a lot of contract ones. Like I said before, I guess that will magically create jobs for all the jobless pilots all of a su
  11. I imagine the only people who will be whining in the end will be the people without a job and still expecting it to be handed to them easy enough. But I can see that shakey has the ability to become a good leader of the country - "you've over stayed your welcome" ???? Really, thats the best you can come up with. Talk about progression. Gives me a good laugh, but in the end, is sad, as its that mentality which keeps things in the dark ages. Like I said, the world aint big anymore, and we all gotta get used to sharing it. With your thinking and rational, should all Canadians be forced to le
  12. Why is it cheaper and better with Canadian pilots?? Seems like there is a conflict, as shakey, proves that it aint cheaper to train and mentor Canadian pilots. So there in lies the answer to all of this. Operators are all about money. If someone is legally able to work here, and they have more experience and seem good for the job, then the answer is gonna be very simple. Its not that easy to to get a work permit - if foreigners don't get the work and travel visa then a company has to sponsor them. companies then have to be approved by the HRDC, which takes sometime. If appro
  13. What you fail to realise is that its not all about sponsored work permits. A lot of foreign pilots (Ozzies and Kiwis, as they seem to be generalised by) dont just come to Canada on sponsored work permits. There is an Under 35 work and travel visa valid for one year that allows them to come in and work wherever they want to. So just because the Govt may crack down it doesn't mean that it will stop foreign pilots from entering the country and getting to work. Especially if they have more experience, then as it has always gone, the companies will always hire the more experienced person. Its just
  14. Industry is collapsing on a worldwide basis! Things are looking pretty bad, and we havent even hit the bottom yet. I know I wont be hanging around for the summer to catch the scraps of work - time to move somewhere more prosperous. On the bright side, these things are always cyclical - it will bounce back in a couple of years.
  15. Hhhhmmm...... I dont recall recommending anyone to go do anything as radical as you would assume. Obviously the question was to get some insight into a part of the industry that was not known much off. My response to your amazing response "Unless you have lots of mountain time and limited viz then dont do it" was merely to point out the fact that what's the point in responding with such closed mindedness. The purpose of all this is to offer help and tips and advice. I pity anyone who ever has to approach you on getting any help. I guess if you have no offshore experience you should neve
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