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  1. Thanks for the responses everyone, the aforementioned program is what we are currently using and many of the crew and myself included find it awkward to use and the W&B section is an absolute mess. But that can be a different discussion lol.
  2. Does anyone have operational experience with this program? They show multiple companies using the product but mostly European. Wanted to find out if anyone uses the dispatch, flight management or any of the other features and how it works for you. Thanks
  3. For those of you flying today in Alberta or with access to Alberta Forestry radio. At approximately 1530 for the afternoon weather briefing a moment of silence will be observed for Heath. Andrew
  4. Good idea Iceman, I like that one, don't know how many times I have had people in the back with 2 shoulder harnesses on and 1 guy looking all puzzled, don't remember in the briefing telling them they had to tie knots to get seatbelts on.
  5. Wow, a few more posts like this and the bucket tips and I may have top come back here more often, Kudo's to the people that started this and the bucket tips threads As far as a few tips: slow down, take your time, "A emergency on your part, does not constitute an emergency on my part." this one has saved me a few times. Flight manuals all have published limits in them, use them!! They have all been tested and tried, just because the last pilot did it doesn't mean that you have to. Educate your customers, for lots of them helicopters are mystical beasts, help them out, expla
  6. Thanks guys, I was a bit confused as to why the website said you could take them but the woman at the desk said they were prohibited, I wasn't sure if it was a new thing. Now that I know that other people have flown with them I will take it with me. thanks CT
  7. Hello All, so in trying to give me a bit of a better chance should anything happen over water I have gone out and got a lifevest for bucket operations with a compressed air bottle. Now I need to get it from my house to where the helicopters are via major airlines. Talking to the girl at the Air Canada counter today she informed me they are a prohibited item. So how does everyone else transport their lifevests. Thanks CT
  8. Anyone doing any courses? There on the 20th. Staying at the Marriott Residence. If not 1500 at the Vertical booth. Will have to find my nice suit if 412driver is wearing his. CT
  9. Well doesn't that picture make me look like a cheap drunk, I only had 1 beer, and 4 and a half burgers at the pub in Avola, still waiting for a rematch with Chris, beating me by one bite is not a clear victory! And yes beer is on me when I get to town. I believe the aircrew loss to the riggers cost helijim a bit of cash, and hurt my pride. cheers CT
  10. Some, not all, seismic pilots who have all the other radios turned off, and then when you fly anywhere in the area after having made calls on about 3 different frequencies they snap at you when they can't get a response. Turn "your" volume up before you scream at the rest of us flying with our volumes up. Just my 2 cents had a bad day!! need a beer!!!! cheers CT
  11. Got this straight off the little black box in the trunk, haven't called to confirm but anyone interested can try. Aero-Dyne Repair Services Ltd. Phone (403) 760-3317 Fax (403) 762-0844 email aerodyne@telusplanet.net Good Luck all cheers CT p.s. any yes it does have a graduated tone that gets more frequent as you pull in more power or get closer to an excedence(sp). This is set up by the engineer as when you want it to start beeping.
  12. thanks guys, searching as we speak and will be of to Marks in the morning cheers ct
  13. Skidz, Please tell me where one might find these powered socks. First I have heard of them. And just happened to get home today with frozen toes. cheers ct
  14. A little early to be drinking isn't it SG. Your spell check must have broke when your laptop fell off the machine Spelling like that will get you an engineers licence. Are you still on tour, give me a call when you get a chance. CT
  15. Afternoon everyone, Looking for an online listing of the UN numbers for dangerous goods and namely bear spray. Tried the TC website and can't seem to find it. As well the orange emergency response guidebook doesn't list it either. Help please, clear language ya right. thanks CT
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