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  1. Thanks to those who provided insightful and helpful information to a new member. Kudos, that's what this forum should be, and used to be about. Mark.
  2. Thank you to the medium driver who just flew over my house, a rare sound indeed.
  3. No problem, I try to check daily when I can. I'm always hoping that the forums will eventually return to the way they were about 10 years ago...very active with lots of fruitful discussions. There used to be a few characters that kept things interesting....anyone remember Cyclic Monkey?
  4. I deleted all the spammy posts. Sorry guys, I hadn't checked since last week. The forums have been generally spam free but it has happened once before when I had to delete a sh!t load of posts. Feel free to drop me a PM if I miss any. Mark.
  5. You guys are hilarious with the back and forth getting your knickers in knots. Even funnier when the Dmitri chimes and wasn't even offended.
  6. Great stories...keep em coming!
  7. Does anyone know if there’s any equipment working this fire near Terrace? Thanks. Mark.
  8. Nope, different Mark sorry and no, I haven't heard about the Caribbean trip.
  9. Keep the stories coming DGP!!! You have a great style of writing.
  10. What awful news. My condolences to friends and family. Mark.
  11. Uh...no they didn't Smarty Pants. Why did the helicopter spin is the question. Fenestron failure? Unlikely. Fenestron drive shaft failure? Possible.
  12. Anyone know the cause of this one? Looks like the helicopter was only 3 months old. Thanks. Mark.
  13. Hmm, I can't move it to employment either. Nice new format though! Mark.
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