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  1. Great stories...keep em coming!
  2. Does anyone know if there’s any equipment working this fire near Terrace? Thanks. Mark.
  3. Nope, different Mark sorry and no, I haven't heard about the Caribbean trip.
  4. Keep the stories coming DGP!!! You have a great style of writing.
  5. And you're not going to share it?
  6. What awful news. My condolences to friends and family. Mark.
  7. Uh...no they didn't Smarty Pants. Why did the helicopter spin is the question. Fenestron failure? Unlikely. Fenestron drive shaft failure? Possible.
  8. Anyone know the cause of this one? Looks like the helicopter was only 3 months old. Thanks. Mark.
  9. Hmm, I can't move it to employment either. Nice new format though! Mark.
  10. Nobody is 'responsible' for posting in the cadors section, if you see an occurrence or incident feel free to post it. Mark.
  11. I sent a PM to Old Astar and he was able to reply....strange.
  12. If anyone knows when the KMAX at YBW is going to leave I would appreciate a PM. I've never seen one in person and would love to see it crank up and go. Thanks very much. Mark.
  13. The guys and gals over at Avcanada would be all over this...post it in General Comments and I'm sure there'll be a huge response.
  14. Anyone have a link to the TSB report?
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