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  1. no this is false I run flt duty time on my mac you just have to purchase the microsoft office program for the mac and it works great.
  2. My two cents, it's a small industry and don't burn bridges it could bite you back one day, At least explain to the said company that it wasnt for you and thank them, leave no hard feelings, Not all companies in Canada are bad unlike fifth elemnet implied. If the company wants to be unprofessional about it let them, but you can maintain your professionalism.
  3. VTA, Do you have military expierence? If not that is probably why? They seem to look closer at them. I think the way of thinking comes from a fellow that used to be there. I will not mention his name. Although I would like to.
  4. Calgary Police Service Group 4 Instrument rating 3000hrs min 300 hrs night ATPL-H
  5. Worked beside Lamas alot this summer. Yellowstone National Park operates one for rescue and fires, Great machines, They certainly have some strange things about them. I must say they perform very nicley at altitude, You really notice it at 10,000ft when they work beside you in a 212.
  6. What I find works the best is first clean the window of all debris, bugs etc. Then spray 210 on the window and then sprinkle water on top of it. Polish until dry and clean, works for me. Oh gotta run we have a fire.
  7. Is This the cause of the accident or just assumption? I do agree 4 people and fire gear in a jetranger is complete crap. Lets not jump to conclusions.
  8. 212wrench, things are going good, just getting ready to go out again. Busy, just the way I like it. Got a chance to try the seat out in a nice new K-MAX.
  9. We all know a 15 yr old aircraft is not a aged aircraft, dang, it's just starting to get broke in it has never even seen a work day in its life, But the general public don't know that, sounds like just a ploy to get a new aircraft.
  10. 212wrench, not to much for forest here or need to have the bucket on the line, I just threw it on the belly and had some fun. Dam Crickets here are huge. Fuel truck driver and Engineer are making bets on cricket fights.
  11. hey plink you guys look busy over there also, We are in Elko Neveda very busy here right now, Looks like we may have to get a replacement in for a few days so I can get my hours back down, resources are slim 2 of us on a 7000 acre fire, Kmax and myself. I just gotta keep dragging my Engineer out of the casino.
  12. I dont care how good a guy or gal is with a line there is no reason is **** to fly a aircraft like that. Did'nt impress me at all.
  13. What ever happened to Global warming??
  14. StickJiggler, welcome to the world of HOT and HIGH just remember shack out your boots and flight suit before you put them on, those little buggers like to hide in them when you leave them sitting around.
  15. I don't know 407D, Plink I heard has some pretty nice legs keeping them nicely waxed all the time. Sounds like that would be a great place to put a 100 hr guy/gal and learn alot while there.
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