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  1. Maybe we should join the IAFF since we are flying the most expensive fire trucks in Canada.
  2. If i am on duty and am ready to fly and its up to my customer or employer when to go flying its a hour worked. Its up to them to tell me when to start and when the day ends. does not matter what i do during that time. have never seen a helicopter make any money without a pilot.
  3. I have a simple average system. If I cant have a shot of bailey's in my coffee in the morning its a 14 hour duty day for me and the chopper.
  4. If you buy a bad elf that just plugs into the ipad,iphone or ipod you have GPS with no data charges. Kind of handy since most places I go never find cell service.
  5. Give me a call. My new system arrived today. Will sell you my old system that i just purchased in Sept.
  6. There is a knee board available and also ram mounts for the iPad 1 and 2.
  7. If you want a touch screen just buy a ipad2 and a ram mount.
  8. Maybe its because some of us have spent time in Mc Fauld lake and when we hear the word drill we curl up in a ball on the floor and go into convolutions.
  9. Worked for them years ago and always top notch equipment. Blair is a straight up guy which is hard to find in a owner in the helicopter industry.
  10. Find a school with the oldest grumpiest instructor around and then expect to pay the same as it would cost for a new Cadillac or Lincoln. Transport Inspector told me this over 25 years ago and I think this advice would still hold true today.
  11. Do you have a proposed date yet.
  12. Also next time your at Canadian Tire check the certificate for the mechanics on the wall. About half of them wont have a red seal. Can not remember the score you must have on the trade exams but you only got the red seal if you were above a certain score. That also used to give you the qualification in any province in Canada and if you did not have the red seal then you used to have to write the provincial exams
  13. A big hammer for the electrical problems!!!
  14. http://www.woodweb.com/Resources/RSCalculators.html Link to all the different wood calculators.
  15. See on the news that Interwest defaulted on loans and everything is for sale. Does that mean that Alpine is on the auction block with rest of the assets?
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