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  1. I think it was leaving on a truck. Maybe the FAA thought an ex military aircraft shouldn’t be outside the USA…
  2. Similar thing I overheard once... "would you want to deal with you??"
  3. There seems to be an abundance of rich guys with private helicopters that are giving them to operators to ‘manage’. The private guy gets his costs covered by the operator and still gets to tell his buddies he owns a helicopter. The rich guys just get stung when they get they’re machine back because it’s been hauling fire fighters and drillers and all the big costs are due.
  4. Maybe all the leased helicopters that can’t be crewed will get returned?
  5. The operators will never know who doesn’t apply because of their reputation and the pilots will never know what jobs they apply for and don’t get because of their reputation….
  6. Out of curiosity, from all the comments in this thread about how awful the industry is and how anything other than helicopters would be a better career choice, what are you guys doing hanging around a helicopter forum?? Why don't you take your own advice and put this career behind you and never think of it again??
  7. They were made by Tech-Tool and they did have an old STC for them. They only made them for the Japanese so they didn't sell many but an STC does exist somewhere for them. You'll have to find someone at Tech-Tool with tribal knowledge going back to the early to mid 1990's to dig up any more info though.
  8. There's currently more helicopters and operators then there is work. The herd is going to get smaller for a while... The banks will do the culling.
  9. Once high definition live satellite imaging becomes available it will eat into even more aerial observation work. Even the drones will lose work..
  10. The price of oil dipped to $28.10 / barrel this morning and gold hit $1450.90 / oz. Anyone got any predictions now??
  11. We would appreciate a picture of HV with hair...
  12. If you’re curious about a legal interpretation, here’s some light reading https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/programs/laws-regulations/labour/interpretations-policies/hours-work.html
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