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  1. http://heliconnections.com/receivership-sale/
  2. Once high definition live satellite imaging becomes available it will eat into even more aerial observation work. Even the drones will lose work..
  3. The price of oil dipped to $28.10 / barrel this morning and gold hit $1450.90 / oz. Anyone got any predictions now??
  4. We would appreciate a picture of HV with hair...
  5. If you’re curious about a legal interpretation, here’s some light reading https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/programs/laws-regulations/labour/interpretations-policies/hours-work.html
  6. So a FADEC counts every start regardless of whether the machine lifts off or not but I'm curios if P&W or Honeywell has the same view on starts as RR which is clear that every start is a start. Very kind of the French engine guys not to count start cycles for maintenance.
  7. Out of curiosity, I would like to see documentation from any manufacturer that states ground/maintenance runs don't count as start cycles on a turbine...
  8. Have you ever been in a taxi cab stuck in traffic or at a stop light and watched the meter tick when you haven't moved?? Maybe TC should make sure that the cabbies stop billing for that time too...
  9. I think there is only 7 of them and they are mostly for parts
  10. https://ca.yahoo.com/news/yukoner-restores-helicopter-crashed-1952-140000303.html Good on Mr Cameron for taking on this project
  11. Actually not quite accurate. BC Hydro uses singles for many tasks. Anything where hovering (patrol work, touch and go etc) with passengers, a twin is used. Longlining and moving passengers site to site are often done with single engine machines.
  12. ORNGE is not an HAC member according to the website so the HAC would probably not feel obligated to help their side... What do you propose should be done?
  13. So if you lose one boost pump, unusable fuel is ten gallons. Having an engine quit at 20 gallons without having a boost pump light on (or flickering at least) would be very unusual in my opinion. 10 or 12 gallons indicated while in turbulence or out of trim could be nerve racking but flying at 20 gallons in a 206B should not be a worry. The optional fuel low light comes on at 20 gallons so Bell must feel some comfort that the aircraft will continue to run for a little while after that light illuminates.
  14. Unfortunately for everyone, there is a large over capacity of helicopters available for hire in the market. Until there is either a substantial increase in work available for the aircraft or there is a substantial reduction in the helicopter fleet across the country, the little work available will be spread thin. Until either of those things change, we just have to get used to licking the bologna and putting it back in the fridge.
  15. Wow. You must have a firm grasp on all issues relating to operating helicopters in Canada and some really good ideas on how to make the industry better. Please enlighten us...
  16. The $748.00/hr was a better idea before the Canadian dollar arrived at $0.70. Buying parts will probably be getting really painful now.
  17. Deleting a thread and modifying an ad is an excellent way to fuel speculation. Maybe it was just a typo that the 1,3, and 5 keys got hit...
  18. Would that make you a TFW over there???
  19. The majority of the HAC run by volunteers... if you would like to affect change--volunteer your time.
  20. Well said Icewind. Anyone that thinks the HAC isn't relevant must have fond memories of the industry before 1995 when there was no such thing as Best Practices or Industry recognized and defined competencies as well as a host of other things that are now considered 'normal' in the Canadian helicopter industry.
  21. To represent helicopter pilots in Canada would be virtually impossible because you couldn't get them to agree on anything for any length of time...
  22. Its been my experience that in 2006 and 2007 when your responses were received, TC was quite a different organization than what it is in 2015.
  23. By yuppie house wife, do you mean GK??
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