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  1. New company is GSH 2019. Old news.
  2. Not sure, but I suspect it may have something to do with the swing hook. I'd have to look at the supplement for the sling hook to see if the restriction applies across the board.
  3. Hmmm...that must have been back in the Geddes Contracting days or Frontier. Nice to hear a story about dear old Dad.
  4. BM Think everyone that knew him misses Holt. Things got a lot less interesting round Lillooet way with his passing. He taught me a lot. We never met, but know my dad knew you well.
  5. Going way back.....But I seem to remember something about hydrogen embritlement of the swashplate uniball. Ring any bells?
  6. I'm with you on that. I was speaking more of the Bells. 500 and the Astar where the release is on the collective no troubles.
  7. Quick note on pulling the belly hook breaker. I used to do it. Ran into a situation where I would have kicked the line and load if I was able. When things go sideways the LAST thing you are going to do is take your hand off the collective to pull the emergency release. Was able to ride it out and salvage the situation, but I never ever again disarmed the belly hook. That being said, to each his own.
  8. It's a stump puller. A fargo tank's a must. It does NOT take hours to get the exhaust off. Parts availability is the same as the 500 with the exception of a few items ie. T/R driveshaft. Same blades as the 500N I believe. Engine's a straight C30. Access to the front of the engine is a bear. Worse than the 500. You can change the tach generators if you have nimble fingers. All in all a great machine. Helilog56 a good guy to ask about it. Think he was pulling 1500lbs at +30, high density altitude. Had it stripped right out mind you.. Like any machine it has it's applications and does very well at what it does. Niche machine for sure. As far as the 500 bashing....We run three types and probably have bout the same issues with MD as we do with Europter or Bell. Seems to be more difficult to get parts out of the latter two. MD customer support is excellent these days. They are really making an effort. The 500 is what it is. If you can't use it, don't run it..It's a great machine and I'll stand by it. Still love flying it and will be sad to see the day when they're gone.
  9. Hmmm....Helilog56. You reveal yourself. I wondered what bacame of you. I remember you doing that job in the sierra mandres, among others. Sure do miss working on that 530FF.
  10. Manned up in Rocky Mountain House for a couple days now as well
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