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  1. No joke... use original listerine works better than off and you can slash it around your door ways works too.
  2. Im sure the flir system would be of some help in the event of a park/school yard night landing wouldn't it?
  3. http://www.tidytanks.com/contain.html http://www.northern-steel.com/services/turnkey.html http://www.envirotankers.com/met-ii.php http://www.hugelsteel.com/?s=prodserv http://www.tanksdirect.ca/
  4. This is what i use, no water just 2-3 rags wipes on like normal car wax let dry (even in the sun ) wipe off. takes off oil, bugs and exhaust film. the web site has only 5 gal jugs but when i ordered they came in 1L bottles. http://www.zep.com/products/products.aspx?...rcraft%20polish Compare Now Clear Products AIRCRAFT POLISH/DRY WASH WITH UV PROTECTANT TYPE : Aircraft Exterior Polish and Dry Wash. Meets Boeing D6-17487 Rev. N. PROD.# F380 Zep Aircraft Polish/Dry Wash with UV Protectant is a multi-purpose product that cleans, removes oxidized paint and polishes surfaces in one application. Aircraft Polish/Dry Wash was independently tested and is safe for use on exterior aircraft surfaces when used as directed. It replaces aircraft wet washing, which reduces effluent discharge and ground water contamination due to its wipe on, wipe off, dry wash application. See PSR for additional details.
  5. http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/air/air_e.htm Air Services training Aircrew training Air Services aircrew currently consist of experienced regular member and civilian member pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers (AMEs). All new hires are selected from a large pool of highly qualified and experienced industry pilots and AMEs. As a minimum, new hires must have at least 3,000 hours of relevant flying experience, or in the case of AMEs, five years of licenced aircraft maintenance experience. All RCMP aircrew are expected to maintain a high degree of competency and professional knowledge. To accomplish this, our training program meets or exceeds industry standards in every respect. The high proficiency of RCMP pilots and maintenance engineers is critical to maintaining our excellent safety record. In addition: Simulator and aircraft flight training must be completed on an annual basis on most aircraft types on which a pilot is qualified. After this training, pilots must pass various check rides with a certified check pilot on a recurring basis. As well, pilots are required to re-qualify on many individual ground school courses. This involves classroom instruction as well as re-qualification exams. Pilots must also undergo a thorough medical review every year (or six months depending on age) by a Canadian Aviation Medical Examiner. Maintenance engineers are provided with initial training on all rotary and/or fixed wing aircraft as well as recurrent training as required. This includes avionics, engine maintenance, trouble-shooting and human factors related type courses.
  6. It’s Really Satisfying Steve Flynn wins Medal of Bravery On a windy, overcast day in March 2005, Steve Flynn of Blackcomb Helicopters hopped into his truck, as he did every day around the same time, and headed off home for lunch. His route ran along the edge of Green Lake, about three kilometres north of the village of Whistler, B.C. As he drove down the road, he quickly became aware of a flurry of activity taking place out on the lake. Flynn pulled up along the side of the road where a group of onlookers were worriedly watching as rescuers attempted to reach a man who had fallen through the ice. “There were a bunch of people standing there watching,” says Flynn, “and the rescuers were trying to get to this guy with a Zodiac. They were trying to break through the ice with it.” The rescue was not going well. By the time Flynn arrived on the scene, the man had probably been in the water for almost 20 minutes. Flynn recognized two of the onlookers, Vincent Massey and Paul “Bones” Skelton, as guys he works regularly with on rescue missions. Once Flynn, Bones and Massey had figured out what was going on, Flynn announced, “I’m going to get a helicopter.” Flynn and Bones ran to the truck and Flynn called the heliport. “Get a helicopter fired up and get the doors off of it!” he said. Massey followed them in his own car and they all arrived at the hangar at the same time. “It took all of about three minutes to get there,” says Flynn. “When we arrived, Andrew Bradley, our operations manager, had the doors off the helicopter and it was running. We were just lucky that it was outside and ready to go.” They quickly put Bones in a harness so he could stand on the skid of the Astar and not worry about falling off; and they rigged another harness to put under the guy’s arms in the water to secure him, so they could pull him out. When they arrived at the scene, it became evident that the harness plan was not going to work. “The guy couldn’t do anything,” says Flynn. “He basically lifted a hand to grab onto the skid of the helicopter and started sinking under the water.” At that point, Bones grabbed him by the sleeve and pulled him up far enough to get ahold of his collar. Flynn brought the skid down about eight inches into the water to get it by the guy’s chest, and make it easier for Bones. Bones got him by the belt and with Massey’s help, the men were able to pull him onto the floor of the helicopter. The actual on-scene rescue lasted only a few seconds. With the victim, Jurg Humbel, on board, it was now a direct flight to the Whistler Medical Clinic. The Astar landed right in front of the building and the trio quickly got Humbel inside where the medical team started to warm him up. From the time the trio had initially sprung into action on the shore of the lake, only about six or seven minutes had passed before they arrived at the clinic. Humbel was severely hypothermic. “This guy was the worst I’ve ever seen,” says Flynn. “He was probably only minutes away from dying.” In appreciation for Flynn’s quick thinking and decisive action, he and his co-rescuers, Vincent Massey and Paul “Bones” Skelton, will be awarded the Governor General’s Medal of Bravery at a ceremony at Rideau Hall in Ottawa later this year. In an interview with his hometown newspaper, The Prince George Citizen, Flynn was quoted as saying, “… I don\'t feel extremely brave. When someone is drowning, you just jump in and do what you have to.” With all of the problems the first responders were having with the boat, it was clearly the helicopter that really made the difference. As Flynn put it, “The helicopter saved his life.” And while that is certainly true, it also takes the right men and women to save people, the ones who know how to use the helicopters, and that is why men such as Steve Flynn deserve to be honoured. When I asked Flynn how it felt to save a human life, he replied modestly, “It’s great, it’s really satisfying when you can take all of your training and experience and with a helicopter, go out and save lives.” That’s really what it all comes down to – discipline and training, mental and physical preparedness, the right person, and the helicopter. Congratulations Steve – you brought it all together.
  7. to bad that he never showed us how to shoot the guns!!! DIS DA TRIIIGGGGER DIS DA TRIIIGGGER and if the rotor speed is 12000 wonder how many rounds per minute it could shoot??
  8. I have had to wait 30min+ here in North Battleford for fuel- same thing they just walk around... one was even riding the cart that the bank run plane uses for loading and unloading the bags... then one Griffion left and after 10 min I got fed up with waiting for the other one... I squeezed the 172 between the pumps and the Griffion and just as I got out as they walked out of the terminal said they where going to need me to move as they just got their IFR clearance, I said I only needed 20 gals it would just be 3 mins! The female pilot said she will move it with the down wash for me..... I pushed it about 4 disks away and then returned and I was airborne as they were calling clear of the zone Thanks ...but I have never had a problem with the training 206's as they are more than willing to wait 10 min+ for the local traffic to be cleared away from the pumps. I wish I had the camera out for the guy getting pushed on the cart as that is what my tax paying $$$ are paying for!!!! too bad he didn't fall on his [email protected]#
  9. Im not a fan of the r22 but it would be nice if all the companies that have b206's sitting on the ground would pick up a student and let the b206 go for COST. just wishing but lets say 100 hours b206 for 65k. anyone please correct me if I am totally in left field?? I don't think that 65k is out of reach of most students and that the companies that are sooo short are just going to have to bite the bullet and start paying/not making a profit to get newbies trained!! And if they have to put in a training bond if it would make them feel better or better yet a contract- lets go!! you could even change the numbers out in r44 at 50k?? lets hear from our owners on the site what would make you happy???? there are people here on the site that are more than happy to commit to you - just need a hand and a salary above min. wage and Im sure they will be with you for a long time. look at me Im 31 and been working for the same company for 17 years, just because they gave me a start!! thats over half my life please help me not make it all my life..... that I would do for you..... :punk:
  10. unless the cp is looking for time on type?? insurance companies always have their hands in the works with rates on 0 time on type pilots. I think the r44 has the highest demand for 100 hour pilots, the r22 production line has been pulled back and once the r66 is out I think they will stop the r22 as they cannot keep up with orders now and that won't get any better with 3 types coming off the line. but this is only what I was told by someone.
  11. I like the part that no experience is required for the s61 and they are looking for a 206 pilot but experience is needed.
  12. I've asked before and I didn't get too far... with only 2 in Canada that are still new it shouldn't have to many problems yet. try one of the US sites.
  13. JACKPOT!! thank god as that will be 3 hours of looking I will never get back
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