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  1. No joke... use original listerine works better than off and you can slash it around your door ways works too.
  2. Im sure the flir system would be of some help in the event of a park/school yard night landing wouldn't it?
  3. http://www.tidytanks.com/contain.html http://www.northern-steel.com/services/turnkey.html http://www.envirotankers.com/met-ii.php http://www.hugelsteel.com/?s=prodserv http://www.tanksdirect.ca/
  4. This is what i use, no water just 2-3 rags wipes on like normal car wax let dry (even in the sun ) wipe off. takes off oil, bugs and exhaust film. the web site has only 5 gal jugs but when i ordered they came in 1L bottles. http://www.zep.com/products/products.aspx?...rcraft%20polish Compare Now Clear Products AIRCRAFT POLISH/DRY WASH WITH UV PROTECTANT TYPE : Aircraft Exterior Polish and Dry Wash. Meets Boeing D6-17487 Rev. N. PROD.# F380 Zep Aircraft Polish/Dry Wash with UV Protectant is a multi-purpose product that cleans, removes oxidized paint and p
  5. http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/air/air_e.htm Air Services training Aircrew training Air Services aircrew currently consist of experienced regular member and civilian member pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers (AMEs). All new hires are selected from a large pool of highly qualified and experienced industry pilots and AMEs. As a minimum, new hires must have at least 3,000 hours of relevant flying experience, or in the case of AMEs, five years of licenced aircraft maintenance experience. All RCMP aircrew are expected to maintain a high degree of competency and professional kno
  6. It’s Really Satisfying Steve Flynn wins Medal of Bravery On a windy, overcast day in March 2005, Steve Flynn of Blackcomb Helicopters hopped into his truck, as he did every day around the same time, and headed off home for lunch. His route ran along the edge of Green Lake, about three kilometres north of the village of Whistler, B.C. As he drove down the road, he quickly became aware of a flurry of activity taking place out on the lake. Flynn pulled up along the side of the road where a group of onlookers were worriedly watching as rescuers attempted to reach a man who had falle
  7. to bad that he never showed us how to shoot the guns!!! DIS DA TRIIIGGGGER DIS DA TRIIIGGGER and if the rotor speed is 12000 wonder how many rounds per minute it could shoot??
  8. I have had to wait 30min+ here in North Battleford for fuel- same thing they just walk around... one was even riding the cart that the bank run plane uses for loading and unloading the bags... then one Griffion left and after 10 min I got fed up with waiting for the other one... I squeezed the 172 between the pumps and the Griffion and just as I got out as they walked out of the terminal said they where going to need me to move as they just got their IFR clearance, I said I only needed 20 gals it would just be 3 mins! The female pilot said she will move it with the down wash for me..... I push
  9. Im not a fan of the r22 but it would be nice if all the companies that have b206's sitting on the ground would pick up a student and let the b206 go for COST. just wishing but lets say 100 hours b206 for 65k. anyone please correct me if I am totally in left field?? I don't think that 65k is out of reach of most students and that the companies that are sooo short are just going to have to bite the bullet and start paying/not making a profit to get newbies trained!! And if they have to put in a training bond if it would make them feel better or better yet a contract- lets go!! you could even cha
  10. unless the cp is looking for time on type?? insurance companies always have their hands in the works with rates on 0 time on type pilots. I think the r44 has the highest demand for 100 hour pilots, the r22 production line has been pulled back and once the r66 is out I think they will stop the r22 as they cannot keep up with orders now and that won't get any better with 3 types coming off the line. but this is only what I was told by someone.
  11. I like the part that no experience is required for the s61 and they are looking for a 206 pilot but experience is needed.
  12. I've asked before and I didn't get too far... with only 2 in Canada that are still new it shouldn't have to many problems yet. try one of the US sites.
  13. JACKPOT!! thank god as that will be 3 hours of looking I will never get back
  14. I don't think at 110 hours you will be doing much longlining, so the emergencies (memorized )and as one guy told me the key is to get " smooth as a babies bottom"!
  15. Having said all that even if it were true I have been around enough to know operators don't look at a 100 hr guy w an endorsement and say well "by all means take my million dollar machine and go for it because you have the paper if you only have 100 hours I been told that it more like...... by all means take that 30 year old jet box thats worth only 375k ...if you don't scare the sh%$ out of me - we will talk!
  16. this is all that I could find.... Mar 3 - Robinson Helicopter launched R66 program at Heli-Expo. Two-blade rotor, about 8in wider than R44 Raven II, stability augmentation system, less than a million dollars. Robinson Helicopter Company is testing parts and will assemble a prototype in a year or two of a five-place R66 helicopter, company founder Frank Robinson said. It will be powered by a Rolls-Royce turbine engine and is intended as a replacement for older Bell JetRanger aircraft nearing lifetime limits. It will look much like the present R44 four-passenger helicopter and have a
  17. Rolls-Royce RR300 to power new Robinson helicopter 2 Mar 2007 , Orlando, FL : Rolls-Royce, a world-leading provider of power systems and services, will supply a new turboshaft engine to power Robinson Helicopter Company’s new R66 rotorcraft, it was announced today at Heli Expo. The new RR300 engine represents a major step forward in the helicopter industry by providing 300 shaft horsepower at takeoff, excellent hot and high performance and outstanding value. The RR300 makes Rolls-Royce turbine power available in the lower shp range. The new R66 model, a five-seater, is Robinson
  18. just found this one has a bit of huey popping.
  19. koalaa119 have you seen this site mostly UK but good pics.... if I could only win the lotto. it also has good links to some Canadian logging pics http://www.dgualdo.it/helics-a119.htm
  20. I would like to know how the 119 is holding out in the real world and not what a brochure says. any comment's would be nice as there is not alot on the net.
  21. I'm a new guy but I think he was getting at that aren't all rotors at rest when you go to start them or does your ground crew start the blades by hand before the start switch is hit?
  22. this is all I get when looking for them http://www.eaglepassheliskiing.com/skiing_..._and_pilots.htm
  23. to help 412's commission Schweizer Aircraft Corporation 2006 MODEL 300CBi HELICOPTER OVERHAUL AND RETIREMENT SCHEDULE COMPONENTS WITH SCHEDULED OVERHAUL TIMES OVERHAUL INTERVAL HOURS Engine (Lycoming) 2200 Main Rotor Transmission 4000 Tail Rotor Transmission 4200 Belt Drive System Overhaul Upper Ball Bearings, Belt Drive Frame Assembly 3000 Lower Ball Bearings, Belt Drive Frame Assembly 3000
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