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  1. I take it you are graduating this year? If so look into scholarships and bursaries for education. These are hard to track down sometimes but there may be some available. As for student loans it seems to be constantly changing, depending when the next election is . The smile on your face will disappear as soon as you start any dialoge(sp.) with services Canada.
  2. I understand your motives Cole. Input gained here is invaluable as I myself have stated many times. I was just pokin ya in tha ribs. The indusrty is in an excellent position for entry-level pilots rite now. Who knows what will happen in the next couple years, when will it stagnate and have a downturn? Who knows. But our industry, reliant on other industry markets, can change in a second. Knowing how you feel about the matter, if a person were to wait that extra year where would it be. Strike while the irons hot.
  3. Dont become "that guy" who "whatifs" yer life away. Worst case scenario all goes for a Sheite whats gonna happen, they gonna take yer lic. away? No. Big decision however and you have analized it and are aware. See xrkyles post. Carpe Diem.
  4. Dont become "that guy" who "whatifs" yer life away. Worst case scenario all goes for a Sheite whats gonna happen, they gonna take yer lic. away? No. Big decision however and you have analized it and are aware. See xrkyles post. Carpe Diem.
  5. If you are going to work the patch, an idea might be to seek an over-seas /out of country job. A friend of mine seeks these out for the pay ( anywhere from 350$ + a day ). I dont know that much about it, however it may be worth looking into. Oh ya on a side note when they ship him out he usually has a layover in GB or Heathrow, party time he says being Amsterdam is only a short ferry ride away I'm told. Good way to see the world too if you like third world countries. Might be worth looking into to boost the wage up and accelerate your plan. Personally it sounds good to save it up and pay it
  6. http://www.nifc.gov/ihog/chapters/2006chapter11.pdf this was the link provided by mac-ex-wafu in an earlier post. sling loads and hand signals
  7. I think thats all thats required however get all you can. Thats what I did when I got mine I just got as much time as I could afford, besides you can get it all back next year anyways on taxes. Jus my 2bits.
  8. Having this endorsement will set you apart but I dont feel it will give you any advantage unless there is a company that uses theses machines. I'd have to agree with Gambler and rob, by focusing on companies that have a tendency to hire low-time pilots and familliarize yourself with these types. You might only have to pay for R-44 time in the end. But realistically a 206 endorsement would be time and money better spent if you decide this is the way to go. And $300 us plus living and travel would probably work out the same as getting an endorsement with exposure in your own country ( if you liv
  9. farewell dear friend


  10. Isnt Craig at Chinook at Abby.?
  11. For some of us this is the "Golden ticket", so I must agree with all the positive comments and look forward to meeting them.
  12. Sorry I gotta hijack this threa for jus one sec then ill quit messin round, BUT RYAN whats that on your shoulder buddy seagulls get ya lol Good on ya Buddy :punk:
  13. Ya he's right about retention early on and yes it will probably take a few extra hours. In my humble opinion it will come back, but it will take a few. Dont sweat it. What I found helped out was to go home after training and focus on what was done right not where you feel you lack. Secondly I would find a quiet spot to collect yourself and actually physically go through the start up take off and landings picturing every one in your head as perfect. Dont be afraid to use a manaul to catch little faux pas. Its more a confidence builder as well as a co-ordination exercise. These little tricks
  14. Glad to hear you guys are all right. Nice job keepin it upright. Take care gentlemen.
  15. See your Crosby dealer (century Vallen, Titan, Wesco, Western equip. etc.) You may want a Crosby g-210 which is a clevise or typical shackle, however on the screw pin there is a large nut and hole for a hitch/cotter pin to lock the screw pin in place. Regular shackle is a g-209 which we just lockwired or ziptied thru the hole in the pin. The other option is a load rated lock-a-loy which is a large chain shape link with the threaded space for joining. But a good Crosby dealer should be able to dazzle you with all types of options. Then ask if its available laod-rated import offshore, may sav
  16. Hey and a fine job ya did indeed. Thanks John that school rocks eh? I'm off to support the pulp and paper ind. by givin out resumes again. But I'll keep in touch for sure.
  17. Yahoo, 206 endorsed! How sweet it is. Went down spent some time cyxx with the folks at Chinook. Super nice people there, awesome equipment and a great time. So another notch on the lic.. Cant say enuf,just over the top outta their way nice people. :up: Thanks to Chinook.
  18. Think he will come an do the shrubs around my yard? How much hidden barbed wire fence can it wrap up before you can punch it off? :up:
  19. Emergengy services use "pelican" brand they come in composite so it wont cunduct elect. charge, with LED or xenon bulbs but dont think they have a rechargeable. Check ou their website they are also the guys who make waterproof cases. www.pelican.com They usually come with a red and green filter. Usually around $40-$50.
  20. I need some info about training $ and taxes, in order to be considered as tax deuctible training funds does the training facility have to have the post secondary accreditation? I forget what they call it now it used to be called PPSEC for private post secondary education education cert. I now they have some new name for it now but dont know what it is. Anyways was seriously thinkin of getting my 206 endorsement and this will definitely influence any edcision I make. While i'm on that note let me put this out there. If I havent flown in a while should I knock the dust off by flying a robbie aga
  21. Well my summer is done, and a great summer at that. I talked (read: bribed) 407driver into givin me a ground position for the summer. Now for some thats not so fun, however as my first job in the heli industry I'm stoked and theres tons to learn on the ground too. It was a complete learning experience from some highly experienced people, the pilots and engineers. They were the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. I cant say enuf, it was an incredible time. I have no words to say how much I appreciate everything the people there did for me. Learned a ton and h
  22. Yes do your homework and have figure to back your statements. Yes letters from employers are good too, but try and get more than one companies word on said query. I got some aid from hrdc however it was under special circumstances tha made them a little more willing to help out I think.( manufacturing plant shut down left aboutt 1000 workers high an dry).There are lots of god tidbits of info on the T.C. website like the breakdown of piloys and age which will indicate a shortage of skilled labor when the largest demographic retires from the national pilot pool, they seemed to really like that b
  23. Has anyone ever investigated the capabilities and cost factor, however stil fairly new, of the sweitzer (sp?) 333. Are they capable of doing anything but sightseeing? They are turbine powered but I dont know the specs. or really anything about that one. Does anyone have any experience with these as they are a relatively new addition to the market, and even fewer i imagine working. Just curious as I just seen one in a mag. article saying they wanted to get more in the western utility market as competition for the r-44.
  24. I dont know what part of the country you are in but I am out west, if you need slings and chokers (wire rope or fabric) and various other non-0helicopter specific sling and load supplies try Titan out of calgary or Century Vallen out of calgary or edmonton and various other locs. if you are on the west coast try Western Equipment out of richmond. Titan has an in house cable shop and very quick access to just about any fabric slings all supplied in alberta. Western Equipment out of richmond, prince george or vernon is very good and probably best cost. Century Vallen is all across the country bu
  25. i have seen it a while back and was told that it was Kokanee helis I have a oic of it doin powerline patrol work around my house here in the north ok. It's a nice lookin machine but looks very hot in the summer hope they got a/c :up: This one? poor picture it started out as a spec in the photo and I lost quality blowin it up uh-oh I think we just hijacked the tread
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