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  1. Agreed , hours of experience mean nothing ..... If you have not learnt anything from your experiences . Fly Safe
  2. Rest in Peace buddy It was a pleasure working with you . Fly Safe
  3. Speaking of 412's , i see Transwest just picked one up last month . Anybody in the know ??????? what their plans are for it . Fly safe
  4. Glad to hear that J B and the cojo are still with us :up: fly safe
  5. sad , now reporting that two of the three have passed away , RIP also two dead in quebec crash yesterday Fly safe out there
  6. tonights news had a home vid shot from lakeshore of the tanker crash they replayed it 3 times and each time you can hear the cameraman or somebody standing very close clearly say just before touchdown.... " oh s*it , they left the gear down " I'm not saying that is what caused this , but somebody on shore didnt think what they saw was a good thing thnx to the two guys who got there quick and helped out
  7. some of the flying ships are from Valhalla / Skyline / Wildcat / Transwest / Eclipes / Canadian those are just the ones ive heard in the last couple hours last night
  8. seen one of their machines in the background of a couple news broadcasts last week pounding water on this fire
  9. somebody's got a rich daddy how else can you live
  10. TMZ.com has all the vids , just put martz in the search pane " boy that was quick "
  11. just want to clarify that the story said the two crew members lived in bc , they may not be from bc , did not mean to insinuate that . or quote the cbc thnx
  12. flight crew were BC boys from comox and langley you'll find 12 names now released on cbc's website god bless
  13. same here in BC Mark :angry: more important to talk about these gang idiots or the Olympics boondoggle
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