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  1. Just wondering if anyone has heard who got the contracts ?
  2. Can't help but wonder if HAC threatened to pull their advertising budget over this one ??
  3. Wondering if there is any truth to all the rumors.... big changes coming for CAC ??
  4. Well I guess that can't be a good thing for the guys that work the ramp.
  5. Heard a rumor that there is a new relationship being formed, anybody got the details ??
  6. I don't think we are just talking about terrain, traffic avoidance plays a big part in that also, and rad alt isn't part of that system. cd
  7. JESUS, all I asked for were details, like aircraft, reason for shutdown.... Hey SHARKBAIT, SKIDSUP AND TWINSTAR, why don't you guys go and start a new topic on bad passengers.
  8. Sorry Ryan, but anyone who is still workin the ramp after 5 years should be asking themselves some serious questions, don't encourage that path.
  9. Saw a wanted ad in the Vancouver Sun for support drivers May28/05
  10. Are you guys kidding me ? do you really think it matters if you wear some other companies T-shirts. Management has to much time on there hands if they have time to do a wardrobe check. What a stupid topic !!!
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