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  1. HTSC in Carp Ontario has one, it has a -13 and a Cobra head and Blades. It is a monster but is in the Restricted Category. She sits in the Hanger it moves once in a blue moon.
  2. It's not rocket science, do it yourself.
  3. Ours shredded as well, We actually purchised those the next day from Canadian tire! under $20
  4. Had the"Pleasure" of actually needing to open the Aircraft Survival Kit a few weeks ago on the West Coast. Was able to stay semi comfortable with a huge fire and 5 passengers. I've taken a few notes on what I would really want!!! I've compared a few notes with a seasoned coworker he had a amazing saw "Silky Big Boy" and one of those SOS emergency sleeping bags. Situation would have been drastically different if we had nothing to burn. Personally I have a sturdy knife and lighter, and the "Find me Spot" that i never leave base with out. Just tossing out a topic as to what the rest of Ca
  5. TDG Under Avalanche Backpacks, The bottles needs to meet a UN# weight and pressure, Can be part of checked/Carry on baggage, if Approved by operator. There is the answer.
  6. Thanks Mr Freewheel, You and Brother Freewheel run a fantastic outfit no fingers pointed! I'll Clarify the definition of "RATs" would refer to those "Extreme Dude's with Go-Pros that film and post" An 10 degree bank in the Mountains can be edited to appear to be almost inverted..
  7. Purses on the West Coast are smaller than those in Central and Northern Ontario… Just saying!
  8. Are they classed as Dangerous Good's? and would it be classed as limited Access? If #### went sideways? is it not like life jacket? Just asking in case someone takes a picture and bust's me with transport. "Rat's are out there these days"..
  9. I'm far to cheep to buy a $500.00 seat for a 2.5 million dollar Astar or any helicopter on my own dime! I found a small tire tube for a wheel barrow for $2 lightly inflated it and stuffed it between the seat and seat padding with the high impact seats in the B3 worked awesome for 6 hour flight.
  10. The best lesson I ever had was from a surveyor on a Seismic job during a 3 day storm, It was a great lesson in importing and exporting to a simple excel sheet. or using better software Garmin is pretty limited. Find a survey company and listen for a few hours its easy ! Be careful you'll end up redoing all the company waypoint lists or planning some old ******** route, while the company knob slips in your spot.
  11. It’s a rough ride. Adapt and improvise the rest will work its self out! The easy part is working we are a Lazy bunch in general.
  12. Tissue! Time to beat on your pillow, Time out!
  13. Easy Brother, Still new to flying if you look at the big picture of time spent in the industry as a whole. So yes pretty low time under the High time mark of 40 years in service. Have to say I’ve had the pleasure of working with the humblest of gentlemen the last few years yes some of them Immigrants! Some with fantastic hands easy personality’s every bit deserving as me. Not saying it’s a fare or perfect world but anyone who goes to the trouble to fly in Canada to get going deserves credit, Good on them they have far more drive than I. The way I see it it’s business and marketing. Anoth
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