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  1. Anyone out there have an Excel spreadsheet W&B for a Bell 204B?
  2. Is this something from another planet? Horizon Helicopters from Whitehorse have received an FX Astar (B2) and claim it will lift 2,700 lbs. on the hook. Would this be some sort of remotely operating model?, or simply a case of inexperienced carpetbagging sales gimmick?
  3. Just wondering if anyone has heard of an incident in California involving Coulson Aircrane's S-76 bird dog helicopter? Maybe just rumor?
  4. This may be a little off subject but I'm a little curious to understand what they mean when they say that in the Yukon "The women are tough, but the steaks are generally tender" ? Any input on this would be appreciated.
  5. Just curious to know if there is any truth to the rumor that Resource Helicopters is shutting the door on the lav?
  6. I'm just curious to know if the definition of a "Duty Day" includes travel days to and from the job site? (aircraft location) Sounds like a grey area to me, but maybe I'm missing soemthing. All references to CARS would be welcome. Thanks
  7. Funny how TC seems to drift away from their primary role (aviation safety control) and end up involved in the economics of the helicopter industry. Someone remarked earlier that VIH obtained flight authority to run the Kamov as a private company. NOT!! If they were harvesting logs from public timber sales, they were involved in a "Commericial" operation by TC's definition of a "Commercial" operation. They were adding value of the timber by flying it from the hill to the landing. Funny thing about that whole endevour is that VIH seems to have formed a monoploy on the importation of the Kamov? S
  8. Any info on the status of Mackenzie Heli Services? Are they still operating?
  9. I'm sorry I arrived a little late regarding this topic as I noticed that the admin had to put a Stop Order on the previous title. I would just like to make a statement without stirring the pot so just bare with me. From my understanding of this is a typical case of misinderstanding. The topic went astray with Rapatak's statement saying the accident was a result of "Lack of care and attention". I have seen this label been used many times before and it is being mis-used in this instance yet again. The pilot obviously had no intention of flying into the water, and I have no doubt that he was doin
  10. Just to add. Most companies have an extention added to the basic policy called "Breach of Warranty" which covers them in the event that the employee has operated the aircraft in a manner that voids the Cof A. Also as a side note, haven't you ever wondered why there are temperature/torque lmits that usually include a transient limit whereby if you go beyond these limits you are obligated to complete an extensive inspection, yet there doesn't seem to be any inspection criteria for overgrossing the aircraft? Mmmmmmmmm. Makes you wonder how important it really is in relation to the integrity of th
  11. Let's not drift too far from the topic (CP leaving to T shirt logos?) Must be some solid info by now? Is he leaving or not?
  12. Underpaid? In October if 1968 a Bell JetRanger was selling for $265,000 USD and I was making $17,000/yr and the a/c got $265/hr. At the same time a Bell 47 G4 was chartering-out in the far East for $265 US/hr. According to StatsCan at that time, anyone earning as much as me was in the top 11% of Canadian wage-earners nationwide. Last price I heard on a JetRanger from Miribel was $1.23M and goes for as low as $499/hr that I personally know of, all the way up to $650-$700 and not many Canadian R/W pilots are in the top 11% of Canadian wage-earners. Do the math........."the wheels fell off" a lon
  13. Curious to know how many are currently flying seismic? Anyone with the inside scoop as to how busy it may be this year?
  14. Great echo AR. Now we just have to find a way to convince the powers to be to implement the changes. I presume that the fixed wing sector have already been down this road before, hence the creation of the CALPA. Voice in numbers. I just wish I had the insight of the importance of this earlier in my career. "Blinded by the light", (glory) I guess.
  15. I don't think this argument adds justification to the issue at hand. I think as I have stated earlier, the current standard regarding tour length has to change to keep in pace with the rest of the regulations we have had to follow in order to increase the standard of safety that the " Customer" demands. eg.shoulder harnesses, high vis blades, weight & balance, min # hour requirements,etc,etc. Maybe there is another way around this difficulty that the HAC can come up with to sweep this issue aside. Maybe spend a few million $$$ and develope a medical procedure that would block all thought p
  16. I second the "Well said Jet B". You know its an amasing fact that Transport Canada have implemented a restriction of flight/duty time to prevent or at least lower the accident rates based on fatigue. What I have noticed is that when it comes to the "Duty Time" restriction, they fall short of the mark. I have been in the business for 26 years now and have worked all sorts of schedules and what I have noticed is that there is rarely any importance of the family structure being preserved. It would seem to me that with all the $$$ spent on medical studies to establish fatigue limits that they inv
  17. "There isn't many 206's that grab a $1,000/hr" Ya show me ONE? A $1,000/hr. is where the rates should be starting. Ever heard of rates ($650/hr.) anywhere in Europe? No you never will because they are in business to stay in business as it should be.
  18. So what's your point? It cost $ to run your business? My point is raise your rates or get out of the business cause you're only putting of the inevitable and undermining the industry in the meantime. Just turn around and you'll stil see the burnt shadows left behind by NMH.
  19. Just starting a poll re: the health of the industry? In IMO, I would have it in a downward spiral. I don't see any improvement until the ratio Work/#aircraft increases substantually. There are far too many operators living on the edge and are driving the rates down for the short term answer of their survival. Hence the Domino reaction, driving the wages down, hiring marginally experienced drivers & maintenance staff, crossing every and all bodily members for good luck, not to exclude the implementation of light pencils for the A/C logbook if necessary. My question would be. Does the whin
  20. I'm with you Twinstar, :up: :up: The aircraft type certification (STC)for vertical reference operations from the left hand seat (Bell mediums) should include a proper seatbelt configuration that allows for the different body position. I have considerable time with vertical reference operations and I would also like to see the development of an ergonomic seat design to include both safety and comfort features. If there are any pilots out there like myself that have had a steady diet of this type of work, you will appreciate what I'm talking about. Cheers
  21. I really wonder?? This has been an issue for a long time. I really get a kick out the fact that these people (Forestry, primarily Alberta) have got their heads in another world when it comes to crew accomodations. I also find it less than humorous that TC have no qualms to ramp you and your aircraft, but when was the last time you seen then wandering around a fire base inspecting the living arrangements? The last time I was on a fire in Alberta we were actually staying in a motel, at least for the first 2 days. Then someone had a brainstorm to relocate us closer to the fire (a ten minute driv
  22. Any views on the NTSB crash investigation of East West Helicopters Ltd. 1999, 214B crash. Fuel starvation was the determination, but the reason is a real eye opener.
  23. It was a Russian buit helicopter crewed by Bulgarian's. It was contracted by a U.S. firm to carry foreign security employees.
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