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  1. sven

    206 Training Manual

    Donie, I was able to download the few links that I tested.
  2. https://forums.verticalmag.com/topic/21647-helicopter-pilot-life-insurance/?tab=comments#comment-145511
  3. sven

    Bell 407 Flight Manual

    If you are working for a company that operate Bell 407's, you can try to register at: https://mybell.com/bell/en/USD/login The ability to carry 5250lbs is covered in a supplement (FMS-28). Latest is Rev 1. The latest FM is Revision 15 (up to S/N 54299).
  4. There will be a media briefing tomorrow. http://www.bst-tsb.gc.ca/eng/medias-media/avis-advisory/aviation/2017/a17o0264-20171220.asp Out of respect to the deceased and their families, let's keep this civil. The families are devastated and any mud slinging will not bring these 4 people back. Fly safe.
  5. sven

    UTM ForeFlight iPhone/iPad App

    Nice job GF. Already downloaded. Don't need it often in my current flying environment, but nice to have.
  6. You could check out the M/R blades from Van Horn: http://vanhornaviation.com/2016/10/31/vha-receives-transport-canada-stc-for-206b-main-rotor-blades/
  7. Hi Bif, The SB you need is 28-009, which basically tells you to change the start pump to allow you to operate to -15C without fuel additive. I priced the kit in 2015 and you're looking at approximately $15,000 to accomplish this SB. You should be able to download SB from TIPI. Sven
  8. Al will be missed. I really enjoyed working with him in Slave Lake. RIP
  9. sven

    Camera Ball

    In Ontario, you could contact Chris Chanda at http://www.aerialcameraops.com . I have worked with Chris in the past and find him very professional. Not sure if he has equipment, but he could possibly point you in the right direction. We did get some equipment from here: http://www.whites.com , but I'm not sure if the have the entire STC mount or just the Gimbal.
  10. sven

    Niagara's New Rides

    The new H130 (EC130T2) has a certified crashworthy fuel tank. Current EC130B4 cargo hook installation could compromise that in the event of a hard (belly) landing. A new cargo hook system is rumoured to be in development to address that issue.
  11. sven

    Niagara's New Rides

    They are nice looking. Ruedi sold the business to HTSC about 3.5 years ago. I think they had some Enstroms before Ruedi bought the company, but under Ruedi's ownership it's been Bell Helicopter exclusively.
  12. sven

    Ipad Cigarette Usb Adapter

    Check Aircraftspruce.ca under the iPad section. Ensure that it's capable of outputting at least 2.1A for iPad charging.
  13. sven

    Weight & Balance App

    If you guys have a spread sheet program, you could search for W&B excel files that "Saifan Pilot" has posted.
  14. For iPad users on a budget, FltPlan Go works well on the iOS as well. I personally find it slightly less user friendly than Foreflight, but for a free product it's not bad.
  15. sven

    Tab Tools Wanted

    Hi Dieselrider, As an alternative you could look at these after market tools. I have no connection with those companies: -http://westernhelicraft.com/tools/as350.asp -http://www.dartaerospace.com/downloads/2014-catalogs (they carry tab tools made by Red Barn) Good luck.
  16. sven

    Android Apps?

    HeliJim, It shows as 17.99 when I look it up. Where did you see it listed for $99? Used it successfully for many years.
  17. sven

    Turbomeca Cycle Couting

    Check the Maintenance manual Volume 1. 05-10-03-900-801-A01 If you need, I can send you the pertinent parts.
  18. The T2200 form should work as your medical is a condition for employment. No medical = no flying/work.
  19. Looks like Rolls-Royce Allison in Indianapolis has a course in May for Series IV engine. Northern Lights College has 250 course listed but they do not list Series. Good Luck.
  20. sven

    Longranger Slats

    Quote from the Bell 407 FM: "The leading edge slats are designed to improve pitch stability during climbs. " They allow the air to flow smoothly around the bottom of the horizontal stab to avoid stalling it. If you are concerned about whether the LR should have them, contact product support in Mirabel. Good luck.
  21. sven

    Vision Correction

    Here is some more info. 30 days after procedure you submit report and then TC decides. Good luck.
  22. sven

    Astar Windshield

    210 can sometimes leave film if applied in the sun. You may be dealing with some tree sap. Try to reference the AS350 open doc under Standard Practices MTC 20-04-01. Here you will find the approved products for window cleaning. On a personal note, you could try a product called "Rolite". I have used it in the past with great success. Start by cleaning window with a mild soap and only using your hands (No rings or watches). Try to keep the windshield away from the sun when doing this as soap might dry before you are able to rinse. Good luck
  23. sven

    Mobil 254 Vs. Aeroshell 555

    Mobil 254 is a high thermal stability oil (HTS) which means it handles heat well without breaking down. This makes it ideal for the turbine engine environment. The Aeroshell 555 has good lubrication qualities by leaving a film on all the gears to dramatically reduce wear. That's why you can get increased inspections and TBO's on gearboxes. So both good oils with different uses. Hope that helps.
  24. sven

    Digital Mpm/Mcm

    Lunchbox, I currently work with an organization that has the operations department using EFB. To control distribution they use Aviation Docs with an iPad2 setup. Hope that helps.