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  1. Iceman,


    If I zoom in on Norm's pictures it appears that he used AC delco DC24 batteries. They are a 12 Volt 75 Amp Hour battery.

    If you are working in a shop, I would recommend the Bus or Large truck (tractor trailer) batteries as Heliian suggested.

    I worked in a shop with the bus batteries GPU setup and we rarely had any problems motoring engine for compressor wash on 206L3 and 407.

    Remember starter limits. I believe from a starter limit perspective, Bell Helicopter consider this a "Battery" motoring.

    Good luck.

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  2. Quote from the Bell 407 FM:


    "The leading edge slats are designed to improve pitch stability during climbs. "


    They allow the air to flow smoothly around the bottom of the horizontal stab to avoid stalling it.


    If you are concerned about whether the LR should have them, contact product support in Mirabel.

    Good luck.

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