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  1. The T2200 form should work as your medical is a condition for employment. No medical = no flying/work.
  2. Looks like Rolls-Royce Allison in Indianapolis has a course in May for Series IV engine. Northern Lights College has 250 course listed but they do not list Series. Good Luck.
  3. Quote from the Bell 407 FM: "The leading edge slats are designed to improve pitch stability during climbs. " They allow the air to flow smoothly around the bottom of the horizontal stab to avoid stalling it. If you are concerned about whether the LR should have them, contact product support in Mirabel. Good luck.
  4. Here is some more info. 30 days after procedure you submit report and then TC decides. Good luck.
  5. 210 can sometimes leave film if applied in the sun. You may be dealing with some tree sap. Try to reference the AS350 open doc under Standard Practices MTC 20-04-01. Here you will find the approved products for window cleaning. On a personal note, you could try a product called "Rolite". I have used it in the past with great success. Start by cleaning window with a mild soap and only using your hands (No rings or watches). Try to keep the windshield away from the sun when doing this as soap might dry before you are able to rinse. Good luck
  6. Mobil 254 is a high thermal stability oil (HTS) which means it handles heat well without breaking down. This makes it ideal for the turbine engine environment. The Aeroshell 555 has good lubrication qualities by leaving a film on all the gears to dramatically reduce wear. That's why you can get increased inspections and TBO's on gearboxes. So both good oils with different uses. Hope that helps.
  7. Lunchbox, I currently work with an organization that has the operations department using EFB. To control distribution they use Aviation Docs with an iPad2 setup. Hope that helps.
  8. sven


    You can get Ray Prouty and Shawn Coyle's book in electronic format here: Actech Please note that I have no connection with the mentioned web site, Ray Prouty or Shawn Coyle. I am only sharing information that I acquired at the last Heli Expo. Sven
  9. Hi Bill, Your proposal sounds interesting. I think the ideal solution would be something that integrates all the step from generating the flight ticket by aircrew to sending the invoice to the customer, recording payment and ultimately help with the overall accounting. This again would ideally integrate with aircraft records, flight crew duty times etc. I would be interesting to gauge the need/interest in the industry for such a solution, considering a scalability to accommodate as wide a range of operators as possible. Anybody have some input on this? Sven
  10. Thanks for taking the time to explain the details. I hope we will all be using a similar system in the very near future. The conventional paper trail is not very efficient. Have a great season and fly safe. Sven
  11. Inflowsurfer, Sounds like very cool stuff. I would be interested in some of the details regarding the nuts and bolts of this project. I'm not a programmer, but still curious. Cheers, Sven
  12. According to Bell Helicopter Textron, they have been doing extensive testing with Thixo Grease on Bell 206 series rotorheads. During several AME workshops and Bell Helicopter Maintenance seminars, they have stated that testing is going well with virtually no marks on the yoke while using Thixo Grease. Expect to see Technical Bulletin soon which will allow you to use Thixo Grease instead if Aeroshell 22 or Mobil Grease 28. Disclaimer: I am not associated with Bell Helicopter in any way other than as an AME working on their products for a local operator. Looking forward to the improvement.
  13. I used X-plane version 8 when I did my IFR training and found it to be a great tool. The latest version 9 looks even better. I think you will find X-plane to be a great tool. Since I've never used MS Flight Sim I can't offer a comparison. If you do buy X-plane I can show you a way to avoid having the DVD inserted for play (Make IMG file and mount) Good luck.
  14. Helidoug, Bell helicopter usually publishes their DOC's annually in Rotorbreeze publication which is available from their web site. Conklin and de Decker is industry leading in providing real life estimates. Good luck. Sven
  15. Found this guideline for Transport Canada approved medical examiners: http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/publications/tp13312-2-cardiovascular-chapter1-2333.htm
  16. Hazy, Unit looks good, but there are a few things to remember: -I couldn't see if it is a passive or active unit. Does it interrogate the aircraft transponder or does it only intercept a ground radar interrogation? This is important in the "Bush" as there are few ground radar stations. -A lot of Pilots turn off their transponder when flying outside major centres (in the bush), which means this unit will not alert you to the presence as it requires a functioning transponder in the other aircraft for them to be detected . Good luck. Sven
  17. Am I the only one that sees the humour in your misspelling of "Proofreading"? :-) Looking forward to the book.
  18. iBooks read PDF files quite well. PDF is probably a better solution as it is easier read on multiple platforms. S
  19. I thought this might be of interest. If certificate holder has AOC and AMO the PRM of the AOC should be the PRM for the AMO. I'm sure there are exemptions accepted by TC, but here is the quote: 706.03 (7) If the holder of an air operator certificate is also the holder of an approved maintenance organization (AMO) certificate issued under section 573.02, the person appointed under paragraph (1)(a) shall be the person responsible for maintenance of the AMO appointed under paragraph 573.03(1)(a). Good luck, Sven
  20. I remember reading in the Heli Expo news magazine they passed around, that Eagle was aiming for approx. $500,000. Hopefully they are able to reach that goal. Rumour has it that they acquired a lot of the research done by Bell on the 417, which could help keep cost down. Looking forward to seeing the end result.
  21. CoolHandLuke: My sincerest condolences to you and your family. I hope you can find strength in each other during this difficult time. Peter
  22. Name has been released according to CTV: Here's a link: CTV R22 news flash
  23. Bell issued OSN 407-00-8 to explain why you need the proper tool (The old 407 shaft was the same as 206L4). I suspect there is a similar OSN for 206 series. Call Product Support in Mirabel, PH# 1-800-363-8023. They can help you out as to avoid damage to a very, very expensive shaft. Good luck. Sven
  24. As indicated in my post above, M1 equals M2 in the turbine helicopter world. However, as listed below, you need a type course including the engine and to sign a maintenance release. On helicopters operated under CARs part IV and VII you need ACA from an appropriately rated AMO and whatever experience they require, including a Human Factors course. I would think that a privately operated S92 or something of that size would be operated within CBAA guidelines. Anybody has experience in that area? CARs 571.11 (4) Except as provided in subsection (5), no person shall sign a maintenance release in respect of maintenance performed on a transport category aeroplane or a turbine-powered helicopter, unless the person (a) has successfully completed a course of maintenance training that has been approved by the Minister and that is applicable to the type of aircraft, engine or system on which the maintenance is performed, in accordance with Appendix M of Chapter 571 of the Airworthiness Manual; or (b ) held a type rating applicable to the type of aircraft, engine or system on which the maintenance is performed, issued by the Minister before August 1, 1999.(grandfather clause) In the helicopter world a large aircraft weighs 6,018 lbs. 12,566 lbs is for our fixed wing friends. This would explain why Elvis got his M2. (I think the GW for a Bell 212 is 11.200 lbs). Remember that Transport Canada doesn't differentiate between Fixed-wing and Helicopter when it comes to licensing, so if you have an M2 like Elvis, that could help you if you go work for Westjet or Air Canada. CARs 600.01 "large aircraft" - means an aeroplane having a maximum permissible take-off weight in excess of 5 700 kg (12,566 pounds) or a rotorcraft having a maximum permissible take-off weight in excess of 2 730 kg (6,018 pounds). I hope this clarifies some of the M1/M2 issue in the helicopter world. Cheers Sven
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