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  1. Information pertaining to turbine powered helicopters: CARs STD 566.03(8): (b)Holders of either an M1 or M2 rated AME licence also have maintenance release privileges for all: (amended 2003/09/01; no previous version) (i) turbine powered helicopters; and (ii) SFAR 41C aeroplanes, including their associated variants and derivatives. Hope this information helps you. Sven
  2. BR, I respectfully disagree with the statement above. CARs 571.11(3) states that an AMO is required to authorize the AME if aircraft operated under Part IV (flight training) or Part VII (commercial operations) The AME needs a TC approved maintenance course or be grandfathered before the license change to certify maintenance on turbine powered helicopters (even private ones). A privately operated turbine helicopter that weighs more than 6018 LBS needs a maintenance schedule, but still no requirement for AMO authorized AME to certify maintenance. I may have missed something in the CARs but I'm pretty certain regarding the above statement. Sven
  3. Love to help but course filled up too fast. :censored: Good luck.
  4. Winnie, The AS350D maintenance manual is on the DVD (the regular one, not the new AS350B2/B3). If you are concerned about the flight manual, check www.europter.ca for revision status. The status should include temporary (yellow) revisions. If you have a 350D with a A3-A engine, you may need a supplement as it was not part of the original type certificate for the AS350D from Eurocopter. Soloy currently owns the STC for the A3-A originally from Europter USA. Good luck. Sven
  5. I would contact Heli Lynx in Stoney Creek, Ontario. They do a lot of refurb and rebuilds.
  6. kootenay, Check my response under the "Maintenance" forum. Sven
  7. Aeronautical Accessories has a mount that attaches where the co-pilot's pedal would go. It's listed on page 18 in their 2008 Catalogue. (Catalogue available for download from their web site). Price is listed at approximately US$ 2400,- If I remember correctly, the "tray" swivels and tilts. Laptop or other objects are fastened with straps. Good Luck. Sven
  8. Helilog: You are right on, it was entertaining, not a serious contest. I was lucky enough to pilot the Bell 206. C-GGAZ. We had a lot of fun filming the episode, and that was my goal. Glad you enjoyed the episode. Cheers Bomann
  9. May I suggest Aviation World in Toronto (Near Pearson) http://www.aviationworld.net/product.asp?pID=2439&cID=18 Good luck. Sven
  10. You are supposed use Fair Market Value. What that amounts to is anybody's guess. Here's the word from CCRA: Corporations Good luck, Sven
  11. SH, I'll be there. Hopefully the weather cooperates. Sven
  12. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/newfoundland-labr...pper-crash.html Let's hope for the best. It has been a bad summer for accidents.
  13. Here is something to get you started: Sample MCM and MPM from TC: http://www.tc.gc.ca/CivilAviation/Publications/menu.htm Publication numbers: MCM: TP14408 MPM: TP14428. You will need to submit form 24-0070 with the manuals. Make sure you submit manuals that you can live with while still complying with CARs. Hope it helps. Peter
  14. sven

    206 Auto Relight

    The Auto Relight system from ParAvion is STC approved in Canada. "Transport Canada STC: SH01-31" If I remember correct, the Rilpa system will go off in a low power descent.
  15. I have no affiliation with Eric Bradley, but his program is the best I have used. Still waiting for a Macintosh compatible version Here's a link for his web site: http://www.fltduty.ca/ There is a version for a single user.
  16. AM 640 News is reporting an R44 helicopter crashed near Cambridge, Ontario. More details here. Hopes for a speedy recovery for the crew.
  17. Haven't had experience with VHF-AM radios, but worked for a company where we installed the DP4100 MP3 player. The units worked flawlessly and continue to do so. Product support for North America comes from Florida and is good. We had problems with documentation due to the DP4100 being a new product. Check the web site for Canadian Dealers. They might be able to help answer your question. http://www.beckerusa.com Hope that info helps. Sven
  18. I'm 6'2" and 200 lbs. When I went for a flight in a R22 (I was evaluating schools like you) it was a tight fit with the instructor at 5'11" and around 180 lbs. The Schweizer has more room inside. This is also a bigger issue in the winter with big coats. But I recommend going for a flight in each one (this will probably cost you around $100 - $150) and evaluate the room inside the cabin for yourself. Good Luck. Sven
  19. Fatal, I completed my IFR with Silverline and I enjoyed training with them. Currently doing my night rating with them. I have no experience with National, but the Schweizer 300 - operated by Silverline - fits my size a little better. If you haven't done so already, go to the schools and see if you can get a "mini course" or a check flight and see what your gut feeling tells you. Sven
  20. sven


    For pilots who have completed the 5 hours under the hood and 5 hours in a sim while getting their commecial pilot licence, those hours count. That should save a bit of cost. I took my IFR in January/February 2005 and it cost me Can$ 9000. This included lodging for the helicopter portion and the fee for the "Aerocourse". (Aerocourse is a 3 day intense ground school held through out the year in various canadian cities) In the helicopter world, an IFR rating is probably most usefull when carrying passengers on a night VFR flight. Good luck.
  21. sven


    otas - If you are still doing research regarding IFR, I can recommend Aerocourse Took it in the beginning of January and passed the INRAT exam less than 2 weeks later. Good Luck
  22. If you do your training in The States, remember to include the cost of converting to Canadian CPL and the lack of tax deductions. CCRA will most likely deny the tax deduction for a course done outside of Canada, that is offered here in Canada. Good Luck! :up:
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