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  1. If someone on this forum has been hired by transport Canada recently would like to ask some questions if you have some time please PM me cheers emerson
  2. I did the Canadian Atpl to Faa Atp I used the ASA test prep and wrote the conversion exam wasn't that hard. 50 questions If I remember right. Emerson
  3. If anyone has worked for or is currently working for the MNR in Shubenacadie and has some time to PM me. I would like to hear details about what they are looking for as far as experience, I know they have 4 new Astars. MNR Forestry work. what sort of schedule work amount of flying etc, relocating to the area. Look forward to hearing from you PM me thanks in advance. regards Emerson
  4. Noticed a 429 several times in the Toronto and southern Ontario region would like to know if anyone knows the operator. Regards Emerson
  5. Anyone worked for them would prefer a PM like to ask a few things
  6. Would like to pm someone that instructs currently or in the past. Looking for details of the position, schedule, etc Best regards Emerson
  7. looking for the answer to the question If you are on a localizer approach and prior to reaching the FAF you lose the glidelope what do you do. any thoughts I came across the question and would like to hear the comments regards Emerson
  8. Looking for an IFR equipped 206 for training with a good instructor. Is there any setup for training close to Toronto. Or if not any where close to Toronto. Thanks for the help in advance Emerson
  9. I would like to hear from the current pilot working there if he is on this forum. I have some details but would prefer to hear from the one that is actually there. PM me if you can look forward to hearing from you. \would like to know what you think of the work conditions, accomodations etc regards Emerson
  10. I have heard many things about JB Air and would like to hear in a PM what it was like to work there and any other details that you feel important if one was going to decide to work there. Not as a low time pilot. You comments as former employees wll be appreciated
  11. Some one out there have a copy of a 407 flight manual. i have access to the bell site but would like to have on pdf when not able to get on the net. Also would like to compile a few exams flight or mantenance ones for additional training. need some new material if anyone out there has what im looking for pm me thanks guys Emerson
  12. anyone train there recently or in the past, would like to hear what you thought of the program, did you feel it was a good program. PM me with your thoughts cheers Emerson
  13. Would like hear yourfrom people out there what Wilderenss is like. From the flying and wrenching side. I know it is asmall operaion based out of Wawa flying Longrangers L3 and L4 have 4 of them. already have contact info for DOM CP would like to hear what they are like from people that have worked for them in the past or present. PM me thanks emerson
  14. I would like to ask anyone out there to PM me if they have worked for Sunrise Helicopters north bay or used to be Gateway's charter divison. I would like to know what they thought of the place, the CP and management, maintenance, spray work, pay etc. I have found out enough but would like to hear from someone that has worked for them. What they thought. Your PM's will be appreciated Emerson
  15. Is there anyone out there that has worked for them that could PM me to give me an insider opinion for People pay machines etc Thanks in advance Emerson
  16. I know you can buy it online through IATA but I wanted to see if anyone had a downloaded copy that they have on a Zip drive and could email a copy. appreciated Emerson
  17. Would like anyone who has worked there that could give me additional details of the work conditions pay rotations machines management etc. PM me Thanks in advance Emerson
  18. Anyone have a downloaded copy of the Canadian Flight Supplement, doesnt have to be current. PM me thanks Emerson
  19. For the guys out there that are pilot engineers, I understand the benifit of having the engineering to fall back on if you lose your medical, and the advantage of staying employed while things are slow working in the shop but could the guys out there that have both mind telling there experience as both the pros and cons. Primary role being a pilot. Regards Emerson
  20. I have the following books and also jeppesen flight computer for sale package deal pm me with best offer if interested Canadian Helicopter Pilot Practice Exams by Phil Croucher/Ryan Lindsay Professional Helicopter Pilot Studies by Croucher Instrument procedure manual. has been bound with a cover Air Command weather manual Aerocourse workbook Jeppesen Techstar flight computer with manual and cover regards Emerson
  21. From people that have done it in either I would like to hear the pros and cons of both Thanks
  22. I would like to know if anyone has had any experience working in India as a pilot. What to expect, conditions, cost of living, pay, qaulity of maintenance etc PM me. Much appreciated Emerson
  23. I need some idea of what the guys out there are getting daily and hourly. It will help in the renegotiation. thanks Emerson
  24. For anyone who has flown there what are they like to work for. Is the pay good. Anything else would be helpful Thanks Emerson
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