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  1. Sounds like there’s a new sherif in town at Contrail…Going to change the world with higher restrictions and more hoops for companies to jump through to satisfy his safety agenda. Again the question needs to be asked, Where did he dig up the authority? And where did they get the stats on what is safe and what isn’t?
  2. Oops that question was for SpoolDown….that puppy mill comment always drives me nuts.
  3. No worries, I know when to eat crow…
  4. Really, you must’ve had some fun. Come on let’s here about it!
  5. Sounds like…nothin but fun, gotta love that!
  6. Yeah. Sorry about that that “stupid thread comment “ I guess every post is worthy in its own way. I just don’t like to dwell on the negative is all
  7. So let’s start a thread for the low time guys to be able to read and see just what we LIKE about being a helicopter Pilot/Ame. Let’s not complain on this thread… but give your story about some of the GOOD days over the years. Like the days where we sitting some place HAPPY that I just didn’t listen to the negative guys. This could be enjoyable.
  8. That and doing Auto’s with 10-15kts of wind in an R44 or a Jetbuggy!
  9. My idea of a good time in a helicopter would have to be flying a Bell 204 with a -13 engine 2.5 hours of fuel on board an uncinched 270 gallon bucket and a close water source. “Nothin but fun”
  10. Some of my worst experiences in this business was listening to Pilots/ Engineers who just complain about the industry or the company that they work for. The flying is amazing the BS In the industry is what really sucks, the negativity is stifling. Pilots/Engineers get into the business because they WANT to. I heard a lot of whiners in my time and always wondered what the **** are you doing here if it is that bad? It is not all roses but neither are a lot of jobs. When things are good it is nothin but fun, when things are tough suck it up and carry on things can only get better. I’ve been at o
  11. Squeak in moderation fellow aviator. If one squeaks for only their benefit then they take the chance of being replaced. If the squeaky wheel is for the good of all then the benefits could be very rewarding, and hopefully will not be replaced. I personally have no worries about being replaced! Thank you for squeaking on this thread and hopefully the wheels will get greased.
  12. Why thank you for the encouragement. lol. You know what they say. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”
  13. If that is what is required then so be it. We can sit back and let them dictate the industry or dig in and get things done. Contact info can’t be that hard to get and I’m willing to give it a shot. Brainwashing can be reversed.
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