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  1. There will be a small memorial service tomorrow morning for Richard at Springbank Airport on LR Helicopters ramp. If anyone would like to share a memory about Richard you can pm me or post on the sight and the memories will be shared with Richard’s family and friends that will be attending.
  2. Very sad news morning for the Helicopter world. Richard Alzetta passed away this morning at Foothills hospital in Calgary. Next to his family, Richard’s passion in life was flying in the mountains and passing his knowledge off to aspiring helicopter pilots. Anyone who flew with knows how much he loved to fly. He was an integral part of the success of Mountain View Helicopters and a mentor to many. He will be missed immensely. RIP my friend.
  3. Mountain View Helicopters is calling out to graduates of our commercial course for anyone looking to get into flight training with us. Instructor rating will be provided by MVH. PM us for more info.
  4. Rotorspeed Are you a lawyer?? You can sure sling the fast questions and twist the facts to make a rock a gold bar. We train pilots to the absolute best that we can we go out of our way to try to get them there first job out of school. How they deal with the job is up to them. We all know that it is more than flying skill that helps you in the industry and we can not control a pilots attitude although we try to teach it. Above and beyond I say. We are just starting a very busy training schedule and will be busy for the next few months that makes my instructors happy and keeps our engineers
  5. We had five graduates working the canyon this summer and I had 4 positions lined up for them if they wanted, it with a reputable company. Only 2 pursued these leads and they got jobs. The issue with our American neighbors is the undercutting of prices. I have used The 300 for training and I know what they charge. I don't know how they can make a go of it at those rates. Richard is not only a great instructor he also documented almost everything that we did at the school and the 80 % rate is not BS. If Red Eagle wants to compete fairly then they should check out the rates of some of the scho
  6. I don't know of any school in Canada that trains 50 guys year. We train 15. - 20 students a year. We have had courses where they all got a job. Right out of school. Not sure that Red Eagle has done anything like that. Oh yeah they have an FAA license so there is no way they can offer job placement in Canada. Cheers PRJB
  7. With an average of 80% hiring rate I would defenately not call us a Puppy-mill. Our instructors are all experienced in the Canadian market and after the students have a license we use every resource to get our students jobs. If you want to be trained by a low time instructor. Filll your boots. Just remember you get what you pay for. All the Best Cheers PRJB
  8. Giddy up Brother....Your the guy to do it!!! Don"t I have a picture of you cuddling up to a Polar Bear?? That's one lucky Sloth......good flyin man. Cheers PRJB
  9. NavPath aviation Next Helicopter Refresher Course October 18-20, 2011 Mountain View Helicopters PRJB
  10. There is going to be a Helicopter Instructor Refresher course March 23-25 2011 At the HAC convention in Vancouver. First one in a few years. It will be good to talk shop with a few of Canada's finest instructors. See you all in Vancouver. Cheers PRJB
  11. Full On


    Corection on last post: Not "Free" but a substantially reduced rate. Cheers PRJB
  12. Full On


    MVH gave up the contract, they we do not work for free, or do any of the graduates that we hire. Cheers PRJB
  13. Mountain View Helicopters out of Springbank Airport (CYBW). All new equipment in the R44, Sandel 3500 HSI, Garmin 430. IFR approved Fly It Sim with Garmin 430, ADF, VOR. Excellent 2 crew training with experienced IFR Pilot/Instructors. Cheers PRJB
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