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  1. Mountain View Helicopters is calling out to graduates of our commercial course for anyone looking to get into flight training with us. Instructor rating will be provided by MVH. PM us for more info.
  2. Rotorspeed Are you a lawyer?? You can sure sling the fast questions and twist the facts to make a rock a gold bar. We train pilots to the absolute best that we can we go out of our way to try to get them there first job out of school. How they deal with the job is up to them. We all know that it is more than flying skill that helps you in the industry and we can not control a pilots attitude although we try to teach it. Above and beyond I say. We are just starting a very busy training schedule and will be busy for the next few months that makes my instructors happy and keeps our engineers busy. Hopefully we are successful in providing the industry with safe and proficient pilots as we have in the past. I am not going to get into the 300 or Robinson debate it has been done here before. I have trained with both in my 25 year training career and I know which machine teaches power management and aircraft control better. I really dislike the pi##ing matches that go on in this forum and I am done with this one. We have all had the tough road to haul some continued some gave up. You are guaranteed not to make it if you give up. One thing that you did say Rotorspeed (two day member to the forum) which I do agree with are three short words. JUST KEEP GOING....All the Best. Cheers PRJB
  3. We had five graduates working the canyon this summer and I had 4 positions lined up for them if they wanted, it with a reputable company. Only 2 pursued these leads and they got jobs. The issue with our American neighbors is the undercutting of prices. I have used The 300 for training and I know what they charge. I don't know how they can make a go of it at those rates. Richard is not only a great instructor he also documented almost everything that we did at the school and the 80 % rate is not BS. If Red Eagle wants to compete fairly then they should check out the rates of some of the schools in Canada. Remember one shouldn't take shots unless they know the facts. Our facts are documented. All the Best Cheers PRJB
  4. I don't know of any school in Canada that trains 50 guys year. We train 15. - 20 students a year. We have had courses where they all got a job. Right out of school. Not sure that Red Eagle has done anything like that. Oh yeah they have an FAA license so there is no way they can offer job placement in Canada. Cheers PRJB
  5. With an average of 80% hiring rate I would defenately not call us a Puppy-mill. Our instructors are all experienced in the Canadian market and after the students have a license we use every resource to get our students jobs. If you want to be trained by a low time instructor. Filll your boots. Just remember you get what you pay for. All the Best Cheers PRJB
  6. Giddy up Brother....Your the guy to do it!!! Don"t I have a picture of you cuddling up to a Polar Bear?? That's one lucky Sloth......good flyin man. Cheers PRJB
  7. NavPath aviation Next Helicopter Refresher Course October 18-20, 2011 Mountain View Helicopters PRJB
  8. There is going to be a Helicopter Instructor Refresher course March 23-25 2011 At the HAC convention in Vancouver. First one in a few years. It will be good to talk shop with a few of Canada's finest instructors. See you all in Vancouver. Cheers PRJB
  9. Full On


    Corection on last post: Not "Free" but a substantially reduced rate. Cheers PRJB
  10. Full On


    MVH gave up the contract, they we do not work for free, or do any of the graduates that we hire. Cheers PRJB
  11. Mountain View Helicopters out of Springbank Airport (CYBW). All new equipment in the R44, Sandel 3500 HSI, Garmin 430. IFR approved Fly It Sim with Garmin 430, ADF, VOR. Excellent 2 crew training with experienced IFR Pilot/Instructors. Cheers PRJB
  12. This Post was started to let all the flight school operators in Canada know what is happening to the Canadian flight school market. From all the calls and pm's I have recieved word is getting out and this FAA flight school attempting to operate in Canada is not all that popular in everyones eyes. If you would like to start a post on your 10 questions then start another post. Your attempt to suck up to the readers and change the reasoning of this post to try to make yourself seem like a conerned instructor are not working. You also did a, how did twinkieguy put it, "classy" representation of Frank Robertson's name by calling him Roberson. I'm sure that made Frank shake in his boots. I have a question for the auhor of the mountain flying Book that TG is going on about. How does one accumulate 25,000 hours in a 20 year period? That is an icredible feat I must say. Must have done a lot of time building with friends i guess. Do the math... this guy was busy. Another erroneous fact about the R22 not able to do autorotations or stuck pedals to the ground are a little off. I wonder what you would call the autos that we do to the ground at an area which is 4000'ASL. I have flight trained in 47's, 300's and R22's I know the cost of operating these machines. My question to the FAA operator is what are you skimpping on, because there is no profits in the rates that you are using if you are operating fair. Something is is being neglected, mainrtenance, crew pay, or something. Tell us how you do it. And finally you are not the only school who rents there helicopters to graduates, we do as well, with an efficient safety screening program we know the pilots who take our machines out will be safe. Although we find that graduates who want to build time would rather go with an instructor to learn more instead of flogging around making silly mistakes and creating bad habits. I may get some grief for the TwinkieGuy call but I think Frank ROBERTSON would appreciate it. Cheers PRJB
  13. Then when you want to speak to a Canadian Flight School that is all that and even more.(15years of experience in this area, and over 25 years instructing experience). Go next door. They'll give you the real facts, not the sales pitch..... Cheers PRJB
  14. Then why leave good ol' Kalispell.
  15. Since when has the forum become a facility for cheap advertising. There's some class for ya. About as classy as bringing in an American flight school to Canada at the cost of Canadian flight instructors jobs. That to me is distasteful. Hey guycanfly why don't you tell us your position at this American flight school operating in Canada? Isn't it some kind of ops. position? Your managerial opinion sounds a lot like advertising to me. Maybe all the flight schools in Canada should get testimonials from their management too. I'm sure that they would all say how great there facility is and how super their instructors are as well. Cheers PRJB
  16. Be Aware, The SOLO requirements may not be able to be met with an FAA student pilot permit. PIC and Solo are two very different things according to TC. Anybody thinking of doing this better do there homework.
  17. I have a copy of their information pamphlet which lists the prices. It isn't $200.00 per hour. It is however cheaper then $450.00 per hour. Pm me and I will send you the costs of the piston and turbine machines, which are also less than "standard" rates.
  18. DETAILS: A portly ex AME who couldn't make it in Canada (or keep his hands off the twinkies) couldn't meet the weight limt in the R22 at his local school and who also had a penchant for nickel diming went down to Kalispell and got an FAA licence on a 300CBI. I guess this GUY decided that his last resort was to go that route and invite the operator to come up to Canada and set up shop. They have arrived and are set up at CYBW offering everything from Ab-initio training to Scenic flights and Air Photo work. All with N registered aircraft and offering FAA aproved flight training at FAA prices. If this is left alone and allowed to continue then it is only a matter of time before FAA flight schools start popping up all over Canada. I urge anyone and all flight Schools to pm me and further discuss a course of action to stop this invasion ASAP. You could bet that the operators in the USA would have something to say about Canadians setting up shop down in the States and providing the far superior training that we provide to the students of our great land. Consider this a line in the sand that can not be crossed. Cheers PRJB
  19. It is and they are here...Time to be a squeaky wheel, we can not let this happen...
  20. What does the forum think about a flight School going up from the states to do flight training in Canada? Here's a good one for you to ponder on pardner cause it's be %uckeling my mind. Cheers PRJB
  21. Trying to gather some information on R44 Newscopter pilot wages. I would appreciate some PM's on what the wages are for R44 Traffic and ENG pilots in the U.S. Thanks in advance. Cheers PRJB
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