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  1. I got my last one from aircraft spruce... Might have been a little cheaper some where else but it came asap out of canada
  2. I've used one now for about 4 years and wouldn't go without anymore... I had a issue this year with the Blue Tooth picking up my mike on a phone call... but got that resolved... One of the biggest +'s is that the unit squelch's out a lot of background noise like Inverters and pulse lights... It works great and has actually got me some extra hrs due to the fact the customer could call me direct.. It would pay the companies to supply a few I think.
  3. I am glad you had a good experience... Wish I could say the same. I bought one last year and it took 3 months to get it... When I did I had to rewire it completely ... A five year old with a glue gun could have done better... The people at safecom (Joe) said they would send a blulink as a "gift" for all the trouble and after repeated lies about loosing my address and " oh the secretary " forgot I have given up.. They lied to me directly many many times through this whole ordeal..
  4. I've used CEP's with moulded ear plugs for years now... work well but expensive and they seem to break the CEP wire after a while... anyhow I tried little rubber ones from www.earplugstore.com they work great and you get a bag of them for a few bucks. They are designed to take the CEP screw in ear piece and you just need to trim the length to fit your comfort level... they are cheap and comfortable and so far I haven't broken any wires... Cheers
  5. Well that didn't take long to turn personal... Anyhow Tree Top I've known Heli Log around this site for a long time... I have never detected anything but full support for the Canadian pilots on this site... It seems to me you questioned his credentials in regards to his position on this issue... Bob filled in the gaps... quite effectively I think. I'd say he has had a great career and is justifiably proud.. I think most on here took it as a statement of fact... not something that warranted a personal attack... and Rico "WTF" .....that makes no sense!! Cheers
  6. i have used the 696 and the 796 extensively over the past few years... Both are great and of course expensive to keep up to date and to have the XM online to get all the good WX functions working. The complaint I have with the 696 is the Battery... It it very sensitive to charging at higher temps (like in the summer while sitting in the windscreen) and the worst part is that the Batt is very heavy and slides in from the bottom which puts stress on the lock mech. and eventually wears out the contacts. It would be fine for fixed wing but doing RHL work the vibration kills the battery connection... we started flying without the batt but too late to save them and of course as soon as you loose Aircraft power then bye bye GPS. The 796 is awsome... Much faster than the 696 and the synthetic vision is great (although water and trees blue and green are too close in tint and can be hard to distinguish in sun light) The touch screen works well but you have to be sure that your hand is well anchored to the unit before trying to touch the screen or you miss your spot... One great item that garmin did with both (for us old guys) is that when entering data the numbers are blown up large unlike the 296 with the tiny little numbers
  7. Anyone have any info on Wood Buffalo Helicopters and specifically how they are treating their pilot staff... Are they people of their word?
  8. I have used my blulink for a year now... Works great not too hard on batteries, but buy good ones. It links up every time and in two pilot cockpits its great so you can listen to your music without having others listen in on your call or the tunes... if you are using the "key" function on your ICS (as opposed to VOX) then you can talk on the phone without others hearing because your mike goes live to the blulink as soon as there is a call... The auto mute function works well... but hopefully the radio and pax keep quiet so you can listen. I use CEP's with custom ear pieces and have wired my motorcycle helmet with CEP also and use the blulink while riding. Two thumbs up from me. I got mine from Sporty's.... I think it was around $280. for the Helicopter version.... Twitch
  9. A little off the "Helicopter" topic... this is an interesting show. http://video.pbs.org/video/1412744270 Hope the link works
  10. L3 DRIVER "I think it's better to plan for the worst and your fly your best than not have a plan and fly on the premise that if you enter cloud that you made a serious error in judgment and not have the skill or wherewithal to come out of it alive. I always think that more knowledge is better than less and having the capability to do your mentioned steep descending turn while using the DG and the airspeed indicator and the artificial horizon make the maneuver a lot safer. Sure you are supposed to keep visual reference but what if you loose it? then for the 4 seconds it takes to make that turn and drop 150 feet you are in control of rate of turn, rate of decent, speed and roll/pitch, all good stuff. I am always eager to listen to any advice (like the flying into cloud story by that ski pilot) and welcome any comments and experiences you have and would like to share. I don't think we need to debate that it is unwise to fly into cloud when VFR, you're kind of "preaching to the choir" don't you think? I am more interested in hearing about how to get out of it if one does find one's self in such a situation." I don't usually post here anymore because of the sometimes irrational responses that come back but I will take a stab once again just for the heck of it and, (I am a slow learner) I don't have a lot to do right at this moment. This is no criticism or finding fault with what anyone in this thread has said... Its just my opinion after 30 years of helicopters, flying light, medium and heavy helicopters on the coast and in the mountains in Canada and many parts of the world VFR and IFR. Don't want to be labled a pontificator!!!! Had to look it up From my point of view I really don't see a lot wrong with either video. The first one in the astar is normal op's. Second video is done for show and with all the blue around I would bet if the camera was pointed a little to the right you would be staring at blue sky and the pilot could see just fine out his door. As for L3drivers comment about 4sec it take to turn and loose 150' after inadvertent IFR.. I know from lots of experience in that area that its just not that easy. Having been an IFR training pilot for many years I have (during training) put some reasonably experienced IFR pilots in the position of going on to the dials inadvertently in anything but straight and level flight and spent the next 10 to 15 seconds practicing my "recovery from unusual attitudes" techniques! I would say it takes the average pilot 5 to 10 seconds to fully comprehend and convince themselves of the fact that they are not VFR any more and then an additional couple of seconds to even find the instruments they need to look at to see which way is up while keeping Nr and airspeed under control. If the aircraft is descending (or climbing) and turning when this happens it can be frightful how quickly things go to "**** in a hand basket" One other thing to keep in mind (once again from experience) is many times what you think you can expect on the other side of that little fog bank or layer is completely opposite to what is actually there. I have been on approach to a well lit runway and see everything just fine at 500' and passing though 250' gone completely IMC almost to the ground. Ask any offshore driver about flying to the rig looking down to see the deck just fine and loose all reference at 150' half mile to the deck......Looking up and seeing the sun through that little thin layer!!! Not a good plan!. On more than one occasion I've spent 3 or 4 minutes climbing at 1000'/min to pop out the top of a layer I thought was 500' or so thick... Not a good plan in your jetbox with a suspect artificial horizon that they all seem to have. (Before you jump on me about that... I've been flying IFR since 1986 and always with and aircraft capable of the above mentioned maneuver... well almost ) Just remember as you say "use a rate one turn" that, that turn of 180deg is going to take one minute. Any climb or decent during that turn will really put the "zap" in your head. Plus any time required to fly straight and level until you return to a point where you can trust you senses again. It can be a difficult maneuver at the best of times unless you are fully prepared for it. If you are asking for my advice on messing with that little bit of schmoo in the valley that you are trying to get though..... be very careful. At some point in your career it will bite you in the ***. There is a reason they call them "sucker holes". Once again the above is just one guy's point of view... no criticism is intended. Sorry for the length. :rolleyes:
  11. 76B will give you 100 or so feet per min at 30min power 20c and 4000' at its max gross weight of 11700lbs. Not too shabby.
  12. Bob was one of the good guy's. Was always a pleasure.... Cheers Man
  13. Coulson has CLM and MAY in Victoria Australia on fires and XEC is in Darwin Australia on an offshore contract. The camp is in hibernation waiting for better wood prices.
  14. So far just the A manual Thanks
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