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  1. I guess the price will go up for those looking for a Candian Commercial conversion. I spoke with one FTU who said simply ( If my operation was not accepable to do your Inital training, then why should I train you to do your Canadian conversion!) Why would I hire an individual who does not support my economy, he will perhaps be the guy who takes training from my organization, then splits for 2 dollars more per hour. I wish you good luck !!!
  2. Just curious, how can a US Citizen work in Canada when I must have a green card to work in the US as a Canadian citizen?
  3. Well folks, It seems that the Take Care of Number One attitude, supercedes (Es pri de corps), besides I overheard one owner say (Pilots and Engineers cost me money.) Garbage IN, Garbage Out & You get what you pay for, if PEOPLE feel abused, they will not do any more than required. How does the Employees Contract Read? I like to think I am part of a TEAM of Avation professionals however, some are to busy finding fault. Thank You, Just a Pilot.
  4. Hi Troy, My name is Tony I work with Monty at Phoenix Heli Flight. I have recently sign on a Accidental Death Policy with Scotiabank it costs $11.00 per month for one hundred thousnd dollars of coverage. They assured me 3 times that being a Helicopter Pilot would not void or affect my policy. If you would like to know more call me at 403-808-5826. Regards, Tony
  5. Happy New Year, I Heard through the Vine that Bighorn Helicopters Flight School is Interviewing potential Instructor Candidates. I have known these folks for a Number of Years. I think it's a Great opportunity for the Right Person. Check 0out their Website at www.bighornhelicopters.com. Just thought I would pass it On. All the Best in 2006 for you and Yours.
  6. Hi Zebo, If your are Looking for a Great Place to do some Mountain Training check out Bighorn Helicopters Flight School. They Offfer a program thats Second to None, based at almost 4000ft asl. This BCFS approved program is taught by a Very Experianced Mountain Pilot. Good Luck :punk:
  7. My God Gentlemen, Last Time I Checked You had to Be an Adult to Hold a Commercial Helicopter Licence. Let Me Ask you This. Do Our Universities and Other Post Secendary Institutions Deny Prospective Students based on the Employment Opporyunities? If you want to Learn to Fly then Do it. Everything in Life comes at Cost in one way or Another. Don't Dream It. Be IT! Cheers.
  8. Hi Jurjen, Don,t forget the Schools In Alberta (OUT WEST) . In Calgary, Bighorn Helicopters Flight School operates at 4000 ft asl, with close proximity the Eastern Slopes of the Rockies. This company flies the R22 Beta II, this area is quite windy and the the 22 can be a handfull however Pilot technique is what you want to train for. Good Luck.
  9. Hey Bag Swinger, It sounds like your company is doing pretty well at picking up the low timers. And looks like a few more are intrested. Some of these comments paint a Ugly picture of Ralph whom I have known for over 20 years. In my opinoin and yes I have worked for Him, I was treated pretty well considering all the NO's I heard on my road trips from other Operators. I think that the some of new pilots out there may not done enough research on the Employment Opportunities for low timers. I knew how hard it was and it took me over 5 years to get going. I am ma
  10. I'm Quite sure that anyone who works with Icefeild has a difficult Decision to make. If you can afford it, go for it! The option might be to pound around on the ground untill your in the Right Place at the Right Time for 4 years. How Many Low Timers has YOUR Company given a Shot?
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