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  1. I do. It's exactly the same but different from working anywhere else except even time touring so always know when you'll be home or not.
  2. In mediums they'll put in a translator to help out with the radio work. If you're bilingual you should be able to manage the comms by yourself in an Astar but if you're not it'd just be dangerous and stressful for yourself and the other machines working alongside.
  3. Maybe this shot was filmed away from "the boater that are too close" at the "somewhere else" place?
  4. Exactly. Better to dip with all "obstacles" in plain-sight than try and manoeuvre a 3200lb bucket away from an unseen,powered "obstacle" that darts in from the right side.
  5. One could argue that seeing the floaters and dipping,with "obstacles" in plain view, within auto-rotation distance of a shoreline and mini-beach is heaps better than dipping out amongst "indulging" power-boaters towing tubes and whatnot on your blindside…..Sensationalism of a non-event as far as I can tell.
  6. You could move to Quebec and apply to the CEGEP and not invest a penny…..the tax-payers of CANADA will fund the whole deal all on a 206 to boot!
  7. I think the report was extremely "simple", to the point of being ridiculous and with no bearing on reality whatsoever. I had a camp full of Geos, IP, line-cutters and drillers to whom I was trying to explain this "bog" incident especially after Henry almost de-lammed my blades with his head a day or 2 before I read about this "muskeg blade-strike"
  8. I just had one the other day....Geo walked right in front of machine as blades were coasting down. There was maybe 4 inches between his hard hat and the blades....Waaaaayyy too close and he heard about it in a hurry as did the rest of camp that evening and I've now altered my policy of where and when I'll shut down out here...LUCKY, YES. Now, if we knew what exactly happened in the bog in Saskatchewan,maybe I'd alter a few other things I do too when landing in swamps.
  9. I find it "Bizarr" how you can think I jumped to ANY conclusion....I read the cadors and was simply trying to understand how it happened. A previous poster apparently knew about the extensiveness of the helicopter safety briefing given, another claimed he saw the blades... surely they must know what really happened?The cadors doesn't tell the whole story and I want to know what happened so it doesn't happen to me or anybody else for that matter....simple.
  10. It seems a little strange that the disk was so low....It said they were in 'skeg, power on...fly the machine and keep disk out of the way,no?
  11. Totally agree with comments stating that 75' is too short. 125' with a hook that has some weight to it and a proper (large) floor window should be the norm for drilling with an A-star as far as I'm concerned..... Have been hating life with on this job with a 90' line and small little window. Proper tools to do a job properly I say!
  12. I've worked for all the companies in their organisation....Afew years back but I can only say that the folks I worked with were all top-notch from management on down. P5 got canned and is just bitter because he was so hard done-by. Grow-up JR!
  13. Yeah and 20hrs to do a jet-box endorsement......Seems you'll be busy for the next months,P5
  14. Anyone hear any more news about the 206 that went down on the beach in Cap-Chat on Thurs? Everyone got out, 2 with broken legs.....
  15. Not all that smart unless he meant that the queen is English...then" queen's English" works. In the context that I believe he's (he is) referring to it should be queens' English as in the English of the queen...just sayin'
  16. I disagree. I much prefer speaking to people face to face , in person, than over the internet....but to each his own,Z
  17. Hey Brad, I guess an apology is in order so here it is. I apologize for offending you. I will stop in one day too and have a chuckle. Anyhow for what it's worth,sorry.....
  18. Ahhhh so you and your 2 family members are all trained up on your 44 already @ 2hrs a day apeice...since the beginning of July just need the extra room of a 206 for the duffle bags,eh? Give your head a shake man!
  19. Oh joy oh bliss! Hydro quebec work at the Havre with Herold! An hour a day guaranteed if you fly more than 30 hours a month and all the black flies you can eat! You can even load your machine with 3000lb of rocks to make sure you sink out of sight in the skeg if your stove quits! Core is after all much too valuable to carry as cargo on a longline.There was great seafood though!
  20. Sorry folks taken out of context and re-reading my original post I can say I wrote it out of frustration and was not intending to "slam" anybody.Having spent the first 26 years of my life in La Belle Province je peut dire honetement que mes mots n'etaits pas tout a fait corrrects. That being said , what I really meant was that the helicraft "pay to fly" and passport helico fly for free programs are ridiculous and hope that those poisonous attitudes don't migrate elsewhere, sorry for the offence.
  21. What on earth are you on about???? Flying for free is ok but helping out around the hangar isn't.....what planet are you from??? Flying,sweeping,drywalling,shovelling s$%t, doesn't matter its all work and doing it for free is wrong! I hope this poisonous attitude from la belle province doesn't infect us in the R.O.C!
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