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  1. I just got started with the industry last year, I was on the ground for the summer and was let go for the winter. I was given the opportunity to fly this summer and was able to put in almost 250 hours, I have since gone back to the ground with still the opportunity to ferry machines and go do some rev time if it comes up. Coming out of school with 100hrs and expecting to be on the flight line is a pipe dream, you must get on with a company and do what it is they ask of you wether it be sweeping, delivering fuel etc. for some time before they will give you that chance of building time when they eventually get a position you can fill. That being said with the amount of people the "puppy mills" put out every year there cannot be positions available for all of them, those with the determination and drive may find a slot eventually with patience and luck. But the ones with no patience and no luck may never get their chance and give up. It's a matter of chance wether you are able to make it in this business in the beginning and I think it's really just a roll of the dice. In the end I think it boils down to perseverance and be being in the right place at the right time and there isn't much you can do other then hope for the best and plan for the worst.
  2. Thanks pilot5, I ended up getting the job. Should start training soon.
  3. Thanks helix, was offered the position so was just curious what he may want to talk about in this interview, suppose I'll find out soon enough.
  4. Hey got an interview coming up next week for a flying job, was wondering if any one here could shed some light on what I could expect in this interview. Going to be doing a flight assessment as well anything I should concentrate on during the assessment?
  5. Yes maybe a little bit of a dumb question, but good to know that kinda thing gets recognized. I'm just a little used be the expected side of things.
  6. Pardon me for the new guy question here but I was wondering if a good attitude and strong work ethics will have a guy progressing a little sooner than usual or is it more or less what is expected from the newly hired folks? Also no complaining about how long or where a guy is expected to work. Just curious what you may think about it and maybe what you've experienced. Thanks, from the green horn
  7. Well be lazy as you will,but I'm a fairly firm believer in you get what you put in. Hard work never hurt, not to bad any way. Looking forward to putting in some hard work in a new industry.
  8. I'm a student almost finished my training. I'm concerned with getting a job afterwards, but after reading things about a lot of the new guys you have been talking about I look forward to showing some CP's what I'm all about. Thanks for all the good reading and laughs about these lazy buggers.
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