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  1. Bag Enjoy. It's a country with a lot to see, but beware of the things you don't see. Do not walk anywhere than on the paths walked by the locals. Lots of old military stuff lying around plus more than one million landmines. The cubans/russians mined the place for miles, especially in the south.
  2. Have to agree with you on that one Mini. Had the same thought when i saw the title.
  3. Not nice at all. It's actually a S-330 and not a cougar(s-332). You will also note the smoke at the end. Tell-tale signs of a fire starting due to fuel leaking out of the overflow vents. This is/was a seroius problem with the 330 and was fixed in the 332 with a new design. Ask RDM if interested. I hear he is getting good at the groundschool program for the 332 :up:
  4. NG Limited The video was taken at the Virginia Airshow, just outside Durban, in South Africa. The machine has been grounded and the CAA:cop: down there are investigating the case. The pilot was working for the owners of the helicopter.
  5. :down: It has nothing to do with experience and anybody can get the leans. If your statement was indeed true I must be flying with a lot of NEWBIES everyday because all of us have experienced it sometime in our IFR careers. It can happen to you at any time and it will kill you, irrespective of your experience, if not recognized and correct for.
  6. This was posted on Pprune. Makes for interesting reading. Wonder if it will play a role in the final decision. Peter O'Neil CanWest News Service December 23, 2003 OTTAWA - Canada's $800-million rescue helicopter fleet has suffered a litany of problems since its 1998 purchase, including radios and computers that regularly break down, a flawed de-icing system, a chronic shortage of spare parts, a search light so bright it temporarily blinds rescuers, airframe cracking and bearings that prematurely loosen. At one point, Human Resources Development Canada threatened to
  7. Season Greetings to all and may Santa be as good to you as you were to others.
  8. The only restriction is flight in either light freezing drizzle or freezing rain. No restriction on flight in icing conditions eg in cloud. I know the guys will usually try and get out of it if the ice built-up gets to severe.
  9. Just my 2 cents worth but something alot of people forget is their own warning system, meaning their hearing. Lost one about 2 years ago and I actually heard the engine spool down. It''s going to get awfully quiet in there very quickly. Fly safe and enjoy the summer
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