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  1. i went from NZ to canada in 2001 as a LAME and had to do 10 exams, and prove 2 years of schooling and then my helitech alison 250 course wasnt recognised because apparently if the course is available in canada it must be done their so i redid it at BCIT. Good Luck...
  2. I am a kiwi pilot that trained in NZ and came to Canada and converted my license with Great Slave Heli in Villineuve and after the training i got i was really disappointed that i didnt do my whole license in Canada, as these guys really knew their stuff. I hadn't even done a full on auto til i got to canada!!! The 10 hour " mountain " flying requirement in NZ isnt worth a **** in Canada as you will get proper mountain training when you are needed for the mountains or forestry. The night flying requirement is also not worth it, as i feel the 10 hour instrument requirement in canada is far
  3. I went thru converting my NZ license to Canada and had my experience recognised which meant i did not have to attend a school, but had to sit all exams and complete a record of experience. None of my NZ ratings were recognised so had to attend bell 206 and as350 courses and also had to redo alison 250 course as Canada wont recognise any overseas courses if they are available here. You must do an airframe type course to be able release an aircraft to service.
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