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  1. http://skiesmag.com/news/article/Breaking-bonds---the-enforceability-of-training-contracts
  2. Can anyone reccomend a brand or source for cell phone adapters that work through the helicopters coms? V
  3. Has anyone had luck returning their globalstar or getting a refund. If so .... how?
  4. I see his lips moving.... but I don't hear anything..... V
  5. Have a good read.... pay close attention to time off required. Two of our favorite topics.... unions and contrail! Let the quabling begin. Cheers, V C-2 HELICOPTER AIRCREW FLIGHT & FLIGHT DUTY TIMES a) In all cases, Carrier is required to adhere to the applicable Aviation Regulations. In the absence of Aviation Regulations that set a more stringent standard, Carrier must apply the following limitations: Q Personnel shall have a period of relief prior to reporting for Extended Work Periods. Q Seven (7) days off are required prior to an Extended Work Period that is scheduled for a duration of up to twenty-one (21) days. Q For Extended Work Periods in excess of twenty-one (21) days, the period of relief prior to reporting for flight duty shall consist of at least one (1) day off for every two (2) days that the Extended Work Period is scheduled to last (i.e. fourteen (14) days off are required prior to reporting for a twenty-eight (28) day assignment). Q Assignments shall not exceed forty-two (42) consecutive days since the last documented time off (Note: Twenty-one (21) days off would be required prior to a forty-two (42) day Extended Work Period). Q For normal awake/sleep cycles, the Flight Duty Period (the time assigned to any aviation related duties) shall not exceed fourteen (14) hours. Q Should the Flight Duty Period include ANY assignment of duties between the hours of 2200 and 0500 local time, then the maximum Flight Duty Period shall be reduced to ten (10) hours UNLESS: o The Flight Duty Period includes a Split Duty Day that complies with Section C-2-b (which follows). Q At minimum, a rest period of at least ten (10) hours shall intervene between duty periods. However, the rest period must be of sufficient duration to enable the individual the opportunity to obtain not less than eight (8) consecutive hours of sleep in suitable accommodation, time to travel to and from that accommodation, and time for personal hygiene and meals.
  6. Why wouldn't you spend the money on an A-star???? V
  7. Been there... done that. There should not be an issue.... fukin media. I did have my machine turn into a jungle gym once when my back was turned. Good thing the rotators were stopped. V
  8. Just ordered new ear seals for my Alpha Eagle (stock are crap) TOP NOTCH SERVICE! V
  9. Waaaaannnnn Wannnnnnnnn Waaaaannnnnnn! I vote no. Shut up and fly. V.
  10. Has anyone contacted Contrail and attempted to have a constructive discussion. I have not had any personal dealings with Brian but have with some of his staff and they were very reasonable. V
  11. On the topic of medivacs.... It is now a requirement by some provincial ambulance organizations to have a STC approved litter kit in the A-Star. No more strapping in the stretcher with the belts. Anyone out there in compliance?
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