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  1. http://skiesmag.com/news/article/Breaking-bonds---the-enforceability-of-training-contracts
  2. Can anyone reccomend a brand or source for cell phone adapters that work through the helicopters coms? V
  3. Has anyone had luck returning their globalstar or getting a refund. If so .... how?
  4. I see his lips moving.... but I don't hear anything..... V
  5. Have a good read.... pay close attention to time off required. Two of our favorite topics.... unions and contrail! Let the quabling begin. Cheers, V C-2 HELICOPTER AIRCREW FLIGHT & FLIGHT DUTY TIMES a) In all cases, Carrier is required to adhere to the applicable Aviation Regulations. In the absence of Aviation Regulations that set a more stringent standard, Carrier must apply the following limitations: Q Personnel shall have a period of relief prior to reporting for Extended Work Periods. Q Seven (7) days off are required prior to an Extended Work Period that is sc
  6. Why wouldn't you spend the money on an A-star???? V
  7. Been there... done that. There should not be an issue.... fukin media. I did have my machine turn into a jungle gym once when my back was turned. Good thing the rotators were stopped. V
  8. Just ordered new ear seals for my Alpha Eagle (stock are crap) TOP NOTCH SERVICE! V
  9. Waaaaannnnn Wannnnnnnnn Waaaaannnnnnn! I vote no. Shut up and fly. V.
  10. Has anyone contacted Contrail and attempted to have a constructive discussion. I have not had any personal dealings with Brian but have with some of his staff and they were very reasonable. V
  11. On the topic of medivacs.... It is now a requirement by some provincial ambulance organizations to have a STC approved litter kit in the A-Star. No more strapping in the stretcher with the belts. Anyone out there in compliance?
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