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  1. R0T0R

    The job field

    No protectionism on my end. I love aviation but I wish I could do it all over again with the knowledge I have. This job is incredibly fun and I’ve seen some amazing things and got to see a few countries along the way so far but I’m missing lots of things at home. My my kids don’t care that I’m a pilot, they want their dad. I’m limited in where I can go because I need to keep making the same money. I genuinly don’t advise doing this job to newcomers but if they elect to, I encourage them to have a high paying alternative. If my son or daughter want to do it I will encourage them if they have a good job to fall back on first. I still ill say go fixed wing. Put in the time just like you have to do here then you get good benefits, higher pay than a senior pilot here and you don’t have to be gone 75% of the year to make it. I dont have have to protect my job, I’m in high enough demand that I can put my own concerns aside and tell the truth.
  2. R0T0R

    The job field

    If you seek a professional environment I’d suggest fixed wing.
  3. R0T0R

    Best helicopter school in Canada right now ?

    I couldn’t agree more...I would switch in a second but I won’t make the same money.
  4. R0T0R

    Where are we headed

    It’s actually any reason to get in front of a camera. They love the attention up there...
  5. No leaks? Are you sure there’s oil in there?!?!
  6. R0T0R

    Ben Kilmer Missing

    Thanks guys. I’ll keep you posted...
  7. Hi everyone, Below is a link to an article out of Victoria yesterday. My wife’s cousin Ben Kilmer has been missing for nearly 48 hours and we don’t have a clue where he could have gone. This is a shot in the dark but if anyone reading this whether training, joyriding, or ferrying up or down on the island near Cowichan Lake, please keep an eye out for Ben. He has a wife and two very young children and needs to come home to them. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.vicnews.com/news/update-sar-personnel-from-across-island-join-in-as-search-continues-for-ben-kilmer/amp/
  8. Yup. You’re not wrong HR. Training with some operators is a joke. There should be more oversight.
  9. You should see the training there. Is laughable.
  10. Or...a governing body that actually writes rules that are clear, concise and applicable to all parties that are intended to follow said rules.
  11. This issue was created by operators being too short sighted. The long game is what matters in the industry but they don’t see past the next cheque they need to write. Low timers and high timers need investment in order to garner loyalty and skill. There are some real shitheads out the that ruined it to some degree but employers should recognize when they have the real deal. There are some talented low time guys out there that could really help round out the roster but people would rather have seasonal guys they can kick to the curb ASAP than take the time to really developers skill in a small group that could really pay dividends for years to come. Take the guys in Mac with the flaming ships. They used to care about the people they work with but now they rather stan in front of a camera. That used to be the best place to work but now it’s all about money. The mins aren’t ridiculous. There is a degree of skill required to get the work done but there needs to be push back from operators to get lower time guys in the seat on other jobs. Risk mitigation through extended training would be a way to sell it to clients. They don’t want to piss off the customers so they just go with it. Just like the stagnant rates in this industry. Why are the clients deciding what the tarif should be?!?!?!
  12. R0T0R

    Ops manager/chief pilot

    120 would be my minimum...
  13. R0T0R

    The Helicopter Pilot

    My copy was delivered to my kindle this morning. I’ll be sure to leave a review as soon as I’m done.
  14. R0T0R

    The Helicopter Pilot

    Ah, it’s the kindle version that isn’t available. Is that coming soon?
  15. R0T0R

    The Helicopter Pilot

    Looks interesting Darcy, let us know when it’s available for sale on amazon and you have one sale for sure. Well done mate!