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  1. The Helicopter Pilot

    My copy was delivered to my kindle this morning. I’ll be sure to leave a review as soon as I’m done.
  2. The Helicopter Pilot

    Ah, it’s the kindle version that isn’t available. Is that coming soon?
  3. The Helicopter Pilot

    Looks interesting Darcy, let us know when it’s available for sale on amazon and you have one sale for sure. Well done mate!
  4. Can anyone tell me if the cep kit could be installed in a Alpha Eagle and how difficult that would be?
  5. I think that’s a resounding no. I’d suggest looking into getting one from the US...
  6. Based on your post it sounds like you know who I am. Seems pretty easy to go on a forum with people you work with and hide behind a handle and insult people’s wives. Pretty pathetic mate. I’d stay hidden if I were you.
  7. I have just shy of a grand and if sold properly, it’s dust fine. If you keep it out of the mountains and fly within the limits, it’s a great A/C. Most issues I’ve found are easily remedied with power management skills. The people that are used to an AStar or use the transients on the jet ranger always have problems flying this machine. It it is under powered but I’ve moved trees with it in the summer and had had the thing at gross weight all the time in the flat lands of Alberta with little issue. Calling it garbage is a bit much...
  8. Another enlightened post. How many hours do you have in the aircraft simpleton?
  9. Canadians Need Not Apply

    Typical. Companies are too poor at running their own business and upping the tariff on their machine to reflect inflation and the cost of running a business in a s##t hole so they out-source to other countries to get “skilled labour”. Skill being loosely applied. Most Aussie pilots that need to come up here, as fun and nice as they are, don’t actually have the time they say they do. Eat your heart out contrail... This is what’s wrong with this industry. I would go there, they just have to pay what I’m worth.
  10. Rookie Move in Shearwater

    What a complete clown. That was brutal.
  11. Can anyone tell me where I can find some plasma line in bulk? Preferably in western Canada. Thanks!
  12. Fires BC

    This site is dying...
  13. Good one feck! Have you guys considered going to Abbotsford? Both BC heli and Chinook are excellent schools and I'm currently work it with a few low time guys here. The instructor of both schools help out with work. I would steer clear of recommendation to go work out in Kannaskis. That whole situation is a disgrace to the word ground crew. More like slave...