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  1. R0T0R

    406 instead of a 505

    I suspect it’s to keep some distance between the “406” and the 407. They are in the business of selling machines after all. Also, they probably all a ton of 206 parts they need to get rid of!😂 ie. rotor head...
  2. R0T0R

    New Helmet Mod

    My electrical skills are(imha) above average, but I would prefer to have more to go on that that to do the job in a way that would be sustainable over a long term. If you have resources that demonstrate the process with a few more steps and with all the necessary components, I’d certainly give it a fair try.
  3. R0T0R

    New Helmet Mod

    Hey guys, I’m going to keep this thread going with another question here... A few years ago I was on a fire with a guy that showed me a modification he had made to his cep kit where he had a more rugged SMB connector and wire built. I’m interested in the same modification so that it can stand up to the rigours of deep cold. Can anyone point me in the right direction in the Calgary area?
  4. R0T0R

    New Helmet Mod

    Thanks Helian and Mike for the insight. I finished the install the other day and it went very well.
  5. R0T0R

    Hydro Contract

    This was meant for the Lance Cooper thread. This is what happens when you post while juggling kids...😂
  6. Hey guys, I’m awaiting delivery of a CEP kit and the install looks to be quite simple, so the plan is to install it myself. I was hoping to reach out to you all and see if you have any advice regarding drilling into a fibreglass shell. I’ve never done that before and I’d really like to make it look good. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Happy new year!
  7. R0T0R

    Hydro Contract

    I’m betting he dealt with more lowtimers than most flight instructors. I totally understand the grumpy exterior. I wish I would have understood that better at the time. Sad news for a fixture in the industry.
  8. R0T0R

    New Helmet for Old Head

    Hey guys, you’re really selling me on the CEP kit. Is there a place in Canada where I could buy it?
  9. R0T0R

    Great Slave

    Are you seriously accusing the men and women serving in our armed forces as “living off the taxpayer”?!?! Where do you think fire fighting budgets come from? You never worked a job for a provincial or federal government? Wow...
  10. That was an excellent response! Well done! This is a great environment to learn. Let’s ieep it that way...
  11. R0T0R

    The job field

    The 600k comes out the back!
  12. R0T0R

    The job field

    No protectionism on my end. I love aviation but I wish I could do it all over again with the knowledge I have. This job is incredibly fun and I’ve seen some amazing things and got to see a few countries along the way so far but I’m missing lots of things at home. My my kids don’t care that I’m a pilot, they want their dad. I’m limited in where I can go because I need to keep making the same money. I genuinly don’t advise doing this job to newcomers but if they elect to, I encourage them to have a high paying alternative. If my son or daughter want to do it I will encourage them if they have a good job to fall back on first. I still ill say go fixed wing. Put in the time just like you have to do here then you get good benefits, higher pay than a senior pilot here and you don’t have to be gone 75% of the year to make it. I dont have have to protect my job, I’m in high enough demand that I can put my own concerns aside and tell the truth.
  13. R0T0R

    The job field

    If you seek a professional environment I’d suggest fixed wing.