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  1. Most of the people on this forum are Canadian mate. Maybe ask on a British forum?
  2. I think I’ll agree to disagree on that one. You do you I’ll do I’ll do me and the low timers are welcomed to PM me with any questions.
  3. Understandable man but not always the case. If there was one way to do it, we’d all do it the same. When bird towing for example, I’ve gone weeks without disconnecting the device. It’s a lesson and you’re supposed to be able to adapt to your own situation based on the lessons placed here. No need for the above message dude. We’re all professionals here. (I hope so anyway)
  4. That longline story is a big one Pool. Thanks for sharing it. I was on the scene of a “tether ball” incident in which the pilot survived. I learned that one second hand but it’s so easy to forget. If I leave the line on, I hook it on my door handle. Can’t get in without forgetting it that way. Although that only works on an AStar.
  5. One night, chatting with guys at the pub, I mentioned (like an idiot) that I’d never had a tail rotor strike… the next day, I land in a spot all fat, dumb and happy and hop out to hook on my line. There, next to my tail not two feet away is a 5’ pine. It was so close that I shut down and cut it down before I took off. I have no idea how that thing didn’t get pulled into the tail rotor! Obviously, do a good recce but more importantly, DO NOT TEMP FATE! She’s a mean ***** and will come back to prove you to be the moron you ( but mostly me) clearly are.
  6. Sounds like he’s pretty **** smooth if a sloth though it was a branch!
  7. This is the Vertical we all signed up for!
  8. Don’t give him the satisfaction Pool. His hat probably made it hard for him to read the full story because it contained true statements.
  9. That’s unlikely. They age N registered ex military aircraft all around the world.
  10. Is this what you do? You make a mistake and redirect rather than admitting you were wrong? I believe it’s spelled “I’m sorry for my inappropriate behaviour “. you can just copy and paste that if you like.
  11. The Caribbean has great internet. not sure about the PM comment. Are you admin? Congratulations.
  12. The sheer professionalism when hiding behind a display name. Not appropriate. At. All.
  13. I suppose my sugar coating could use a overhaul. 😂
  14. Doesn’t that just say it all. They might as well just come out and say it. “We know we’re terrible to our employees so we hired a guy to pretend to manage the show”. I suspect there’s still lots of rust under the “new” paint job.
  15. The FM has a handy volume knob perfect for muting drillers😉
  16. I worked with him long ago and he was the very best of what this industry has to offer. A real shame to hear. Condolences to friends and family.
  17. Turns our the internet here is pretty good. This topic however…same s*it.
  18. I’ve said my piece Twinny, have a good one gentlemen. Internet is pretty crappy where I’m going so al least you’ll get a break from one troublemaker…
  19. I can only imagine how hard that is for you to read. Have your friends help you with the big words. Gotta head to work so best of luck with the big fight for your rights on a forum for helicopter operators. Hopefully you get the cathartic release you need.
  20. I’m not arguing the information I’m arguing your right to use it since you don’t trust the outlet unless it’s to prove your point. I suggest you look up that definition and have someone explain it for you. Maybe trump could explain it with a sharpie in a way you’d get.
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