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  1. I think the intention of IMC training should be to scare the crap out of you and discourage flying close to it. I know when I did the Top Flight simulator in Edmonton I saw how hard it was and guess what? I started flying even more conservatively. There’s a reason autopilot is in IFR aircraft...we as humans suck at doing it for long stretches and need assistance to decrease the workload.
  2. If you get QuickBooks and do quarterly remittance to said tax man (payroll,GST/HST and 5% of billables to corporate taxes) you’ll pay next to nothing at the end of the year. Payroll will likely be monthly at first. Have a good bookkeeper set up QBO and show you how to use it and you’re fine. I got my last years taxes submitted and it cost me just under 800. I did all the work, and it saved me tons.
  3. The problem with that program is that they have little or no bush experience. They need to be trained like a 100 hour pilot to land in the bush but have far too much confidence. I’m not saying that’s all of them, but there are many that can be a hazard due to attitude. I suppose you could say that about anyone though...
  4. Gateway Helicopters. The owner Dave is by far the nicest guy to ever grace this industry. Saving lives for Ornge now...
  5. My current helmet is priced well and very practical in the current climate.
  6. How do you know there’s a drone pilot in the room?...😂
  7. I don’t know if I’d call it a rip off. Woods is know for devices that are intended for hauling windows safely. GPS city just found one with a screw hole in the middle. I like it because is the seal isn’t perfect, there’s a red indicator to tell you if it’s loosing pressure. Either way, who cares? It works and it’s easy to move from one aircraft to another. Its also way cheaper than the one you linked to. You could get a whole iPad set but for the mini for just over 100 bucks Canadian.
  8. This is the best suction cup option hands down. Works on all types as long as they have a window...most do😉 https://www.gpscity.ca/woods-powr-grip-black-vacuum-pump-suction-cup-base-with-1-inch-ram-b-ball
  9. Always nice to go in your underwear Under the flight suit on the hot days on fires...just saying.
  10. I can’t seem to find the post, cam anyone point me to the person in Calgary that does the moulded plugs for CEP systems? Thanks!
  11. A lot of the HAC companies are part of that organization in order to put their wallets ahead of their employees. Can’t tell you how many times I heard “industry standard” (that they wrote) to justify paying the same prices as 15 years ago. Bunch of crooks.
  12. I have 20 years and lots of experience and I can definitively say that I was woefully ignorant of many of that hazards in the wire environment. I highly recommend doing the course regularly.
  13. Do a wire course. All the hazards of flying low and actually serves a purpose.
  14. Operators are unable to understand what inflation is. Plain and simple.
  15. R0T0R


    The only thing I can tell you for sure it that there is a extensive amount of test to write in the EU and they take a long time. If you have patience, I’d do the US school and convert but I’m also talking with no financial background on where you’re at, and how much time it would take. I’m told that getting into a flying position is easier in the US by far than other places I’ve flown. Experience is a factor I would consider as well. The license is great, but what’s the point if you can’t use it due to lack of hours?
  16. The Chinook puppy mill. The leave there and have never fuelled from a drum or even seen winter covers. Not surprised that they don’t do much on the IFR side. Kids disappointing really, they have potential to be so much more.
  17. I can’t say Ed and I saw eye to eye but I respected him very much. I had a chance to fly with him for my mountain course and it was amazing to watch him demonstrate an approach. They guy to make that JetBox dance! I’m stunned that this could happen. If he couldn’t get out of whatever happened, no one could have. my condolences to the E&B family.
  18. Park it in the bush somewhere and put a lit match in the fuel tank. Then, go get yourself an AStar!
  19. I love how you take the high road and lecture me on etiquette and respect after disrespecting me and my wife. You do you mate👍🏼
  20. True but you can get a hangar with a toilet for a couple 100 grand that can house multiple machines and you don’t have to take a crap outside on the ramp or, if you’re civilized, at the local Tim Hortons! an indefinite small number. "he hoped she'd be better in a couple of days" synonyms: a few, two or three, a small number of; a couple "a couple of drinks" antonyms: several Thought I should bold the word then define it for you. Sure a couple
  21. Read my post carefully dude. Hope you do better at work...
  22. True but you can get a hangar with a toilet for a couple 100 grand that can house multiple machines and you don’t have to take a crap outside on the ramp or, if you’re civilized, at the local Tim Hortons!
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