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  1. Park it in the bush somewhere and put a lit match in the fuel tank. Then, go get yourself an AStar!
  2. I love how you take the high road and lecture me on etiquette and respect after disrespecting me and my wife. You do you mate👍🏼
  3. True but you can get a hangar with a toilet for a couple 100 grand that can house multiple machines and you don’t have to take a crap outside on the ramp or, if you’re civilized, at the local Tim Hortons! an indefinite small number. "he hoped she'd be better in a couple of days" synonyms: a few, two or three, a small number of; a couple "a couple of drinks" antonyms: several Thought I should bold the word then define it for you. Sure a couple may be an understatement, but if you wish for more accuracy I can hire an actuary to assess your area and get a more accurate number. I could also look in to funding with the bank and compare interest rates and property taxes. I can even go as fars as projecting utilities for the sake of your need for accurate postes on vertical. You must be fun at parties...
  4. Read my post carefully dude. Hope you do better at work...
  5. True but you can get a hangar with a toilet for a couple 100 grand that can house multiple machines and you don’t have to take a crap outside on the ramp or, if you’re civilized, at the local Tim Hortons!
  6. Only three hours? Sounds like he gave you the coles notes version...
  7. They are for sure but they have the same background as the rest of us.
  8. Who flies the RCMP machines again...riiiiight...civilian pilots!
  9. You’re best bet is to call and email everyone you’d like to work with and go from there. The work you put into finding a job is proportional to your experience to some degree but that really is your best bet.
  10. If the doors are open and it’s failing, you have a problem. You are eliminating the filter from the equation, that means you have other issues. I’ve had a problem with the PowerCheck in the B3 years ago but it’s been rectified. It’s been almost 6 years since I’ve seen a fail due to the filter and I passed with the doors open.
  11. I’d suggest getting to know the current compliment of training pilots. You’re mistaken if you think they’re inferior.
  12. If you want exceptional training on the 350 I’d suggest reaching out to Top Flight in Penticton.
  13. There’s a time and a place 83. This guy has been giving away spreadsheets and very handy mods for ForeFlight for a few years now (for free!). The least we could do is show our gratitude by treating him with some respect. Keep it up SP. 👍
  14. I’m really interested to see what happens when the operators have a difficult time finding the pilots that undervalue themselves. I’m done letting the company decide what they think I’m worth unless they start paying my mortgage and groceries. They say their margins are tighter but don’t really care that ours are more so. One operator had the balls to tell me my wife should work more!
  15. Fair pay 212 wrench. And non of this averaging BS. If you don’t want to pay then don’t crew the aircraft. Look around, the only thing that hasn’t increased in cost considerably is helicopter tariffs and crew wages.
  16. Success-over, there is little reason to discount this school over another. They’re all the same - you give them money and you walk out with a license. Go with your gut and pick the instructor that you like and off you go. It doesn’t change much who you train with 20 years down the line. My previous comment is one I heard when I started out and I didn’t listen either. If you want to do it then go for it. I will say however that if I could do it again, I wouldn’t. There’s so much time away from home and the nicest employer is out to make money - not friends. We’re underpaid, under appreciated and undervalued. That’s the reality but the work can be fun and lots of people think your job is cool for a 5 min conversation. If that sounds like your cup of tea the pull the trigger and we can swap stories some time in a swamp while swatting bugs on a fire while we watch the fixed wings try and pound a fire for us. Best of luck and keep in touch. Let us know what you decide.
  17. I agree with the fixed wing route. Sounds cool till you grow up and want a real life...
  18. You must miss some part of this industry if you’re still on this forum...
  19. If only life was that simple for everyone...
  20. Good luck with that. Operators seem to want to park their machine rather than pay better.
  21. I suspect it’s to keep some distance between the “406” and the 407. They are in the business of selling machines after all. Also, they probably all a ton of 206 parts they need to get rid of!😂 ie. rotor head...
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