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  1. I consider to laser my eyes too, but are there limits for this. Can all eyes be lasered? I'm from holland, there isn't laser accepted, here is it accepted, but in what limits. Does anybody know? Jurjen
  2. Ok, thanx, I will look after that school too. Are there more schools nearby Calgary?
  3. Bighorn helicopters seems to be a good choice, but are there more schools by Calgary?? For me Calgary is a financiel good city, because I know people there. Does someone know something about Bighorn that is usefull
  4. Does somebody know something about Bighorn Helicopters, or pilots who have been trained there, please PM me Jurjen
  5. For me it's financiel good if I train at Bighorn Helicopters nearby Calgary. Does somebody know who had trained there, or just someone who knows something about this school?
  6. Does someone know a pilot who lives in the neigbourhood of Hamiota (MANITOBA) or just a pilot who comes from the netherlands?? Jurjen
  7. that's cool! Which school do you train??? Does someone know a pilot who comes from the Nethertlands or in the neigbour of Hamiota, MANITOBA ??? It may help me a lot is I know some people there, because I'm going to Hamiota next year!! (international student) Jurjen
  8. Rotary wing: more freedom, more flexibility, more independence, more money (at least from my point of view), more fun, NO social life, NO vacation during the summer, terrible odds of having a succesfull long term relationship with anyone, worth every minute of it! Why 1. No social life? 2. No vacation in summer? 3. Not likely to have a succesfull long term realtionship? I'm looking for a school, but I like to have these answers first. Are you so much away from home that you can't have a social life/relationship???
  9. Many schools say this in their info (it's not clear to me) • An applicant may commence flight training at any age, but must be 14 years of age prior to first solo, 17 years of age for the issue of a private Helicopter licence, and 18 years of age for the issue of a commercial Helicopter licence. Does this say that when your not 18 you can start the commercial training, but you get a licence when your are 18. Or does this mean that you have to be 18 when you start this training?? Thanks anyway for the info above
  10. Do you mean that if I train in the East, that it's more difficult to find a full-time job? Or on which side of the country do I have the most chance to find a full-time job?? And what does "working as a low timer" mean ??
  11. yes I was wrong, ( Dutch joke:P) i mean West (English) and east (French) Is there a big difference between the 2 sides of Canada for the training program?????
  12. And does it make a big difference if you train in the East (English) or in the West (French). Becasue I can't spak french well
  13. thanks a lot for the given info I want to work also in Canada/USA. And you said that it's usefull to go with a school that is backed by a charter company. I know Canadian Helicopters, but are there more in Canada?? Many thanks, Jurjen
  14. Hey, Ive heard from Canadian Helicopters too, but how much does the whole training costs? I mean, for a commercial pilot licence. Because I'm from the Netherlands, I have too stay in Canada, so if I can save money, I want to do that. (sorry for the bad english) I've also a topic " Questions About Canadian Helicopter Training ". I hope you can help me with that. :up:
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