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  1. Here is a lol. Beats Wabaska and Red Earth, though I did enjoy both. https://youtu.be/e95AuZoKrBo FullSizeRender.MOV
  2. Never got into the Cirro W&B or scheduling but the VFR sectional moving map worked pretty good as back up to the 496, even in the Arctic. User waypoints were cumbersome and it did occasionally need a reboot. Most of the pilots in the company hated it.
  3. Thanks for speaking out out my friend. I have known you personally for years. Never once have I considered you a conspiracy theorist or religious nut. Just a critical thinker, which is sorely lacking in society today. The vitriol and ignorance of most of the responses to your heavily researched and factual posts is very disheartening. Its a shame that after almost 50 years of flying helicopters you are being attacked by colleagues for sharing your opinion. Stop throwing pearls to the swine. They will figure it out over time.
  4. 27 years in and ready to move on. The absolute worst thing about being a helicopter pilot is the lack of home life (like being home every night). Don't get me wrong, the experience from High Arctic to Sunny Tropics has been amazing. But then we get old and possibly lonely and I even wonder if it was worth it. Would never do it again if I could start over.
  5. So true. On my last flight out from the logging show on the island, my employer from Squamish required me to push limits to get back. Ignorance. They fired me when I got back home. Then they had a lower time fellow who replace me then write off my favourite machine. You know the rest of the story.
  6. We used to weld a small metal hook near the end of the bung wrench that would catch the barrel lip. Made tipping drums twice as easy.
  7. Oddly enough it does when you go frame by frame. Not sure how its even possible. Backward blades aside lol, my guess is its a camera strap or something caught under the collective. Had an 8 year old kid almost jerk the collective up on me during flight idle not long ago.
  8. Clay wont like that but who cares, leave them alone.
  9. Dan I will never forget the favour you did giving me that 206 endorsement at Clearwater in 1997. cheers Steve
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