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  1. So many PC infected snowflakes these days but yes an #### move if what you are saying is true.
  2. Too Many Karen’s these days SMH
  3. A couple years ago I used this App https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/faa-commercial-pilot-test-prep/id381231394 to study for my TC to FAA rotorcraft conversion. A lot of IFR stuff but I got 85% pass anyway. Night VFR is not permitted in my area of the Caribbean so the night Flying part is redundant anyway. If you have any other questions send a PM.
  4. Apologies, the last sentence came out wrong.
  5. I agree, he always returned my calls and told it like it is. Seems a fine man to me. I think he tried to turn $hit into Honey that’s all.
  6. Worked contract for Universal a couple seasons ago. Quite enjoyed it, one of the best gigs in 24 years. The rapid over expansion was worrisome though. Sad news.
  7. Both of my dogs love helicopters and have travelled extensively in them. Here is picture of how excited they get when I come home during cool down.
  8. Never met him, I was at Turbowest in 1998 - 1999
  9. Turbowest (Ron Ellard, Fred Hobbs, Brian Johnstone etc)
  10. I had a “Happiness Is A Good Bow Job” T-shirt back in the day.
  11. It wasn’t so bad flying across the Arctic with Cirro in addition to my 496 😉
  12. All valid points besides the window distortion which I’ve never experienced.
  13. Blue skies, sand, sea, palm trees maybe 100hrs, $100k 😉
  14. This works for me without fail. I don’t use the ipad unless I have to. Ordered a Sentry (adsb in) unit so might play with it more often. Use velcro for the 496 and RAM for the ipad.
  15. Merry Christmas all. Stay safe and be positive.
  16. Your an in sensitive A$$hole. Would be a shame if you are actually part of the aviation community.
  17. Been flying in the Caribbean off and on now (mostly on) since 2003 and Love It.
  18. My options appear to be fairly limited on this island and getting batteries specially shipped is a pain in the A$$. Settled for a couple 600 amp CC, low maintenance type. Thanks again, will post a picture of the finished product.
  19. Not much help as I was looking for advice on what type and rating of batteries would work best but thanks anyway guys.
  20. Building a GPU to facilitate Compressor Rinses and Wash for our 206L1. Any advice on what type and rating of 12 volt vehicle batteries to connect in series? Have the APU plug and cables plus 28volt charger already. Thanks
  21. I’ve been using a Northwall for 6 years now, had a couple upgrades done like the Bose ANR. I have a relatively small noggin and it fits and looks perfect. Have had a multitude of other helmets in the past. This one doesn’t make me feel like Gazoo. Good fit in a bubble window even 206 and very light. I feel naked flying without it.
  22. Try a Northwall, great helmet. I have the Bose A-20 electrics installed in mine. Google them you might thank me
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