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  1. Thanks BS I appreciate that but the SPH-4 is a little different. Mac I've tried those sources in the past and they just tell me to get rid of my dinosaur. I can't it's the most comfortable helmet I've ever worn, last year I picked up an SPH-4 and an HGU-84 off ebay and I thought they both sucked and got rid of em. Ebay has one like I'm after but the liner is olive drab (mines red) and he wants too much for it $199.00 USD considering it has no electrics or anything. Thanks again and keep an eye out for me will ya.
  2. Hi F8, sounds like you need to start a BLOG, a Blog is an online journal which you write in and addpictures or whenever you want, perferably everyday. It is on the internet and open to the public and a great way to share your experiences and views with others. Like this forum you can interact with your visitors and they can add comments to your Blogs. You can learn more about them here: http://www.blog-city.com/bc/ or http://www.blogsome.com/ With either of these sites you can start a blogging right now for Free. Enjoy!
  3. Hello, I use the old Gentex 411 helmet (they are the ones the CAF pilots used in the 80's) and need a fresh visor and liner. Does anybody have a helmet like this in the closet they would part with or know where I could pick up some parts for one? Already checked ebay, any help would be appreciated. Thanks ice
  4. The guys got 2000 hours for #$%@ sakes why would he want to be seat meat in a 214B when he could have a real job. This industry isnt that much of a mystery.
  5. The yellow arc is for the one piece T/R shaft as mentioned, the range for the resonant turbine wheel vibrations was somewhere between 95-97%, I believe those wheels have all been replaced by now. Quite a few jetrangers around with the single piece T/R driveshaft, and it's still a good idea to accelerate thru the yellow arc in case you arent sure what kind of shaft is on the machine AND because the Flight Manual tells you to do so. :hide:
  6. Bet OLD BULL and the others wanting to fly in Canada wish you wouldnt give them a bad name with posts like that. :hide:
  7. Check EBAY, I picked up a Garmin 3 plus for $100.00 a couple months ago.
  8. Take up an RC Helicopter hobby, you can fly and wrench and never have to work away from your family and get home sick. :hide:
  9. Ya, and don't hang around Calgary, there's nothing there for you. I'm from Calgary too but have to go far from that city to fly. If I was in your shoes I would pack up and move to Whitecourt or someplace and pester the local operators, it makes a big difference if you live near them. There are operators in that neck of the woods that hire low timers. You will get nowhere sitting around the city in front of the computer or hanging in the night clubs, say goodbye to the folks and girlfriend and get on it if you are serious. Like they say, "be careful what you wish for, it might come true" well it came true, you are a commercial helicopter pilot, time to make some sacrifices.
  10. Eeek Thats what I thought, I hope they read this. Can any one add anything regarding SE perfomance etc Thanks again
  11. That probably has something to do with the decsion. Maybe they will increase in value? I'll let them know about the Switch Pack Mod. THX
  12. Hi All One of the companies I fly for is completing the purchase of a TwinStar. This will mean a trip to Florida for some training etc. I seriously question the wisdom of this purchase, I can't really say what it is going to be used for without divulging too much information about myself or the company but it will be flown between sea level and 4000ft in a high corrosion environment. I feel it will be a high maintenance machine which is expensive to operate. Can anyone share their experience or knowledge of this particular animal? Ice
  13. This comes out of our company Op's manual: "No person other than company approved aircrew (Pilot or Engineer) occupies a seat equipped with flight controls when dual controls are installed" Not a bad policy.
  14. A definite CLM (Career Limiting Move). The fact is not whether it is the right thing for us to do (the answer to that is clear) but how in a controlled situation - ie: in an airshow that little bit wind on the pointy end can mean the difference between a safely performed maneuver or a smoking hole in the ground. eh?
  15. Hammer Head into wind, Hammer Head out of wind it does not matter, the fact is if he was into wind on the way down he most likely would not have made ground contact - trust me on that one
  16. On top of that hammer head and dive towards the ground being pretty stupid, it was performed downwind, check out the wind sock.
  17. Flying helicopters you take what social life you get, as far as getting hitched and having a happy marriage very rare, typically the first few years, but there are a lot of nice waitresses around and those Fastgas girls are usually good to go! Honestly, it's not all bad in fact "the bush" will grow on you, I experienced it this winter flying in the in the Caribbean, I had to get back to Canada and "the bush"
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