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  1. I just got a Bose A20 ANR headset, used it for the first time today. They are absolutely amazing! I will never use the green ones again.
  2. No not the same one. This is what the situation looked like before dark.
  3. I found myself and a couple passengers stuck over night in the coast mountains during a blizzard not too long ago. It was a horrible experience that would have been better had I been wearing proper FOOTWEAR for the climate and terrain. The most useful item in the aircraft survival kit was the folding saw, we would not have been able to get firewood without it. I now always fly with a knife, lighter, foil blanket and some para cord in my life vest.
  4. So glad I'm not having to deal with the crap in Canada this season. The island I work on legitimately needs my foreign A$$, there is nobody within 300 miles with even the basic qualifications.
  5. Merry Christmas from Antigua WI. Have fun with your winter covers up there.
  6. Yes thanks, if the over pitching becomes an issue maybe we see if they can be installed on the LR. Looks like just they screw on anyway.
  7. Hey thanks for that Helijim we have a L2 with the slats but the LR horizontal has the screw holes but no slats. Thought maybe it had to do with the C20R Soloy conversion but what you are sayin makes sense. Cheers
  8. Can someone tell me the function of the slats on the leading edge of the Longranger horizontal stabilizers? Why I ask is we have taken delivery if an LR that dies not have them installed. Thanks
  9. This offline 3D topo GPS map is amazing on the iPad mini. $5 no subscription https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/scenic-map-western-canada/id602509261?mt=8
  10. Thanks for sharing that Lineworker. The flying the wires course as mentioned should be mandatory as part of the PDM.
  11. Thanks for sharing that 212wrench, I'm flying out here on the mid west coast and a little worried about my folks out in YYC.
  12. Oh Plumber the wanna be pilot haha. I've been too busy FLYING this season to talk to reporters.
  13. Actually I don't know anything, I'm just an armchair pilot...
  14. It's 20,000 but can easily do more especialy with a dope on a rope and 60 knots on the nose. What's the book say for the B3?
  15. I'm guessing he had some good wind on the nose too. Nothing a 214B couldn't handle if given the chance.
  16. Goes to show that even with an aggressive SMS system and daily safety/organization meetings these things will still happen. I don't wish that on anyone, poor 205"s : (
  17. Duh... I know where this is headed. Anyway I'm glad the kid made out ok. the headset beating was not probably conductive to safe flight.
  18. "You live in Canada and still feel a need to "Carry" What for?" Not sure where you work but the mid west coast has a lot of bears. In a down and out scenario having a firearm could be the difference between life or death.
  19. This bit of news might help along my permit to carry
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