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  1. Joke or not It's an insult. A good outfit will put more emphasis on your attitude, and if you fit in the company culture. Rather than being their *****. Edit: Sorry I can't find the post anymore that I wrote this in responce to.
  2. Got my AME Licence while with Borek (a first class outfit) in 2000 while on a break from flying. my sincere condolences to all touched by this tragedy.
  3. lmao ya, "SLOW" being an understatement.
  4. Geotech has been around quite a few years. Google is your friend.
  5. This might have been posted here before. http://www.bladeslapper.com/m/how_to_crash.pdf Interesting to read anyway.
  6. Long ago in a 206 I had a choice between water (shoreline) and trees and took the water. No worries about fire and the machine rolled over on its right side. The only issue I had was the passenger behind me getting out of the machine before everything stopped plus the front passenger stomping me in panic to climb out his door. Did you know some grown men cry for their moms when they think they might die?
  7. Pretty sure Alpine (Kachina Aviation) is down there helping out.
  8. WTF? The passengers caused the accident and essentially murdered the pilot but their families are the ones suing? Should it not be the other way around? This makes me sick.
  9. So far so good. All the best to you and everyone else as well.
  10. Never, just ask anyone who has flown a 206 in the mountains a few thousand hours.
  11. I've worked there. It was alright when they had the old CP a couple years ago, he actually cared about his guys and stood behind them. The place has become top heavy and pilots are considered a nessasary evil. I could go on and on but out of respect for the guys still working there I won't.
  12. Ha 212 that was the intent aside from the "suck" but funny how it happened. Terry so true but I still look forward to going to work, that's a good sign.
  13. Snap up the 296's while you can. I bought a 500 and returned it after 2 days, for the reasons stated above. I also know of a company that started to switch their fleet over to the 500 but reversed that decision because the LCD screens would become unresponsive in colder temperatures.
  14. Oops a spelling mistake and I can't edit it on this iPhone app. Ha
  15. Very well said AR. I'm finally home after having only 2 weeks here since the middle of June. It's amazing the disrespect these days given by customers especially the young and educated ones. They seem to have no clue in regards to how helicopters operate and the effort we put into getting the job done for them safely while at the same time efficiently. One company (geology) would talk the safety talk but when it came to them trying to overload the aircraft or make me do the impossible there safety policies were just paper and talk. My thanks for keeping them alive and able to complete their missions were numerous letters of complaint to our operations dept. Thankfully I work for a company that stands behind their guys. Err on the side of caution, it will keep you alive, be assertive and professional when dealing with arrogant and ignorant customers. In all fairness most of the folks I dealt with this summer were respectful and understanding but all it takes is one azzhole to push you into a regretful situation. There is a lot of work to do still till the snow flies and more after that so stay safe and remember who is boss... YOU!
  16. It wasn't poor control it was temporary loss of control due to sudden lateral C of G changes.
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